Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Why the world needs Superman

But first, look what I got today!

Sophie, over at A Hole in the Fence gave me this today! Today was Monday all day long (even though it's Tuesday) so that was a much needed pick me up. Plus, I can't wait to check out some of the other blogs she's recommended. I don't know about you, but I think I'm certifiably addicted to these here blog thingies! (I'm going to pass on this Blogging Star later in the week. I've got grand plans!!)

But back to Superman. Superman Returns was on HBO (I think) this weekend. Bubba is very into Superman so we let him watch it, not really realizing that there were cuss words in it until we heard Bubba repeat this little gem -- "What the hell is that!?" So, we had to have the little talk about "just because you hear it on the tv doesn't make it alright to say" and so on and so forth. But while he was watching it I kind of got hooked in too. I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor folding clothes and I was watching the scene where Lois, her son and her new fiance are about to drown in the sinking ship. All of sudden, cue the music. And there's Superman to save the day. And all of a sudden I'm just bawling. Tears are pouring down my face and I have to leave the room for fear of freaking my children out.

What was THAT about? I've always been a little bit of a crier, but Superman? I started thinking about it and I think it's because I wish Superman was real. I wish there was a superhero who could show up just in time to solve all the world's problems. Without getting into politics or political discussions, I wish there were a superhero who could save every soldier and every innocent civilian in Iraq, who could stop all the murders in Darfur, who could have used his super lung strength to hold up the levees in New Orleans or frozen that tidal wave in its place in Thailand and Indonesia. Or held the twin towers together with his bare hands.

And truthfully, I could use a little Superman in my own life. There are some days when the day to day minutiae of life just seems unbearable, when the task ahead seems insurmountable. I know these feelings are fed by exhaustion most of the time, but it would be so nice sometimes to have someone say "Don't worry, I've got you" as I fall from the top of the Daily Planet. I sometimes think that's the hardest thing about becoming an adult. You can no longer really look to someone else to protect you and fix all your problems, even if you're lucky enough to have your parents alive and living close by. YOU are the protector now. YOU are the fixer. YOU have to be the one to say "Don't worry, I've got you." And good Lord it's hard work. No wonder Superman had his Fortress of Solitude. Anybody know where I can get one of those?


Laurel said...

Hey Madam, You will be happy to know that Superman is not far from returning as my son announced today that he is "going to keep growing and growing" so he can be like Superman. Then he decided he would need some magic to turn his hair black. I said, "Oh, I like your hair. Can't you be Superman and keep your hair?" The answer was a resounding no!

But boy, oh boy do I feel you on needing someone to tend to my owies once in a while. Why didn't my parents tell me adulthood could be so difficult...oh, wait...I think they did...Yeah, that's right: I didn't believe them.

Oh! And I'm with you on that last post too. Who wants the same clothes and hair year after year? I need SOME excitement in my life.

Lauren said...

I like what you wrote today. (witty comment for the day ;))

Really though, i completely understand-being superman (woman?) all the time will wear you out! I do enjoy the fact that my children think I can do absolutely anything of course...very flattering:)

Lulu said...

First off, congrats on your Blog Star award! You totally deserve it...especially after writing this post!

I know that it must feel completely overwhelming at times with two small children and a career. I think that YOU must be Super(wo)man! I'm sure that your children think so! And if you find that Fortress of Solitude, please let me know. I could use a month long vacation there.

1blueshi1 said...

I wandered over here from Mir's blog in the hopes of finding some more delish recipes-- read your entry and as a full-time-working-outside-the-home mom of 2, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Bring on the SuperPowers to save the world and the Fortress of Solitude! Except mine would probably end up being more like the Cone of Silence. But maybe it would come with a cool shoe phone...