Friday, September 7, 2007

I think I'm on the mend....

Okay, so I've kind of had the mullygrubs this week. I think it was because my Labor Day weekend was so full of activities that I didn't get any rest at all. Don't get me wrong -- they were fun activities. But I think I spent a total of about 2 hours in my own home over the course of last weekend and I think I cleaned my kitchen about 7 times in 2 days. The long weekend, coupled with a couple of nights not really sleeping all that well (no, not Punkin' this time -- just too much caffeine I think) and well, what I had was a good ol' fashioned case of the mullygrubs.

So, I took matters into my own hands and took today as a personal day from work. This is the first time in ages that I've been home alone when I wasn't home with one or both sick kids or I wasn't sick myself. I had to get up to take Punkin to school. It's nigh on impossible for Mr. Daddy to take both kids and get to work on time himself. Bubba's school has a VERY narrow window of time when you can drop the kids off in the "Kiss and Ride" lane and because Bubba has been pretty mullygrubby this week, too, we're trying not to walk him inside unless we just have to.

I actually think there has been some mullygrubbishness going around, like a virus. Punkin' had it last week (along with an ACTUAL virus) where NOTHING suited her. If her cereal bar broke as she was eating it you would have thought the world was about to end. When she woke up from her nap, nothing offered as a snack was pleasing even though EVERYTHING in the house was offered.

And on Tuesday, when Mr. Daddy dropped Bubba off at school, he had a major tantrum, screaming and crying, not wanting Daddy to leave. Huh? That is sooo not like him. (Thus the "kiss and ride" thing). I called and talked to his teacher that morning and we decided that perhaps he wasn't just feeling 100%. That afternoon when I picked him up I asked him was he okay, was he feeling sad about something? "No," he said. "I was just feeling grumpy." I guess we all are allowed to be grumpy now and then. Then Punkin' piped up and said "I grumpy, too." Bubba and I laughed and I said, "You're not grumpy." "I grumpy," she asserted. "Noooo. You're not grumpy. You're silly!" I laughed. "I GRUMPY" she yelled! Okay then!

So anyway, I came back today from taking Punkin to school and went back to bed. And slept, for the most part, if you don't count the $@%@(#%P(@# dogs next door barking their fool heads off at who knows what for about half an hour, for about 2 hours. I got up, showered and then met my mom for a lovely lunch at a local Thai restaurant. And then I went and bought new Bulldog shirts for both kids -- we have to be properly attired, you know! And now I'm getting some kid-free time at the computer. I may even watch Oprah. Or maybe Ellen.

Tomorrow we're tailgating. We'll watch the Dawgs whoop up on old Steve Spurrier (boo! hiss!) Life is good.


Lauren said...

I gwumpy too!! (way to quiet on the realtor front..). Your day sounds amazing...and it seems like you needed it!

Enjoy the tailgating..are yall going to the game? We'll look for you on TV :)

1blueshi1 said...

that thump you heard was me hitting the floor after passing out from envy. crater may be visible from satellite photos.
have a great weekend!

Lulu said...

I don't think that I've ever been mullygrubbed before! Not sure that I want to be...

Hope you all feel better soon!

Ah, the game tomorrow. We're having a few friends over. I'll be sure to have laptop in hand (actually in lap) during the entire game. Lulu knows nuthin' about football.

precarious tomato said...

Man. Don't tell the woman she's not grumpy. Apparently it makes her grumpy.

At least nobody told you that you had a case of the Mondays!