Wednesday, September 19, 2007

And now for an important announcement

It has come to my attention that many of the writers of the blogs I read on a regular basis, as well as many of the commenters on this here blog (yes, a lot of you are the same people, but I digress) are from the same general area. And an idea was born.

I think us girls (we girls?) should take a trip. I haven't yet decided what we should call ourselves. So far all I've come up with "Ladies who Blog, and Also Happen to Live in the Southeast"(or LWBAHLS, pronounced "Lowballs" but truthfully, the sound of that is not really what I'm going for here. (Disclaimer: I don't want to exclude any of my regular readers who don't happen to live nearby. All of you are certainly welcome to come if you can make it. However, as most of us are moms and are living, shall we say, financially creative lives, I know it's probably not possible. But you are invited and we would love to have you!)

Anyway, my original concept for the trip was for a weekend getaway to the mountains. We could split the cost of the cabin and all have a lovely time getting to know one another, in, you know, real life. Wacky concept, huh? But then Lulu had a great idea and suggested a regional winery tour, which I must admit, is a fabulous idea! And although Lauren, and Tammy, and el-e-e have a bun in the oven, one teensy little sip of wine won't hurt them. Right? I mean, I think studies have shown that it's even good for them. They NEED to do this.

So, what do you think? And can you come up with a better name? 'Cause that one up there, well, she ain't so hot.

Here are some regional wineries we could visit, courtesy of the Winegrowers Association of Georgia.

1. Blackstock Vineyards, Dahlonega, Georgia. Does this look gorgeous or what?

2. Chateau Elan Winery, Braselton, Georgia.

3. Crane Creek Vineyards, Young Harris, Georgia. Mmmm. Red wine. Heaven!

4. Frogtown Cellars, Dahlonega, Georgia. This little place looks so charming! I just want to eat it! Erm....I mean drink it!

5. Habersham Winery, Helen, Georgia.

6. Montaluce, Dahlonega, Georgia.

7. Persimmon Creek Vineyards. Clayton, Georgia. One word. GORGEOUS!

8. Serenity Cellars. Cleveland, Georgia. How precious is this?

9. Sharp Mountain Vineyards. Jasper, Georgia. Their motto: The result is more than fine wine: it's an experience.

10. Tiger Mountain Winery. Tiger, Georgia. (I was going to add some photos, but their site was too slow to load!)

11. Wolf Mountain Winery. Dahlonega, Georgia. DANG! Their site says that one of mine and Mr. Daddy's favorite bands played there recently -- The Packway Handle Band. Awesome bluegrass! Awesome logo.

12. Three Sisters Vineyards. Dahlonega, Georgia. I gotta have me one of these t-shirts.

And finally,

13. Still Pond Vineyard and Winery. Arlington, Georgia. This one's kind of out of the way. Maybe we could save it for another weekend!

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Yen said...

WOW! those are some amazing places! Thanks for sharing!
Mine's up too:)

Chelle Y. said...

Wow! I needed that trip! Thanks for inviting me!

1blueshi1 said...

WOW from me too (salivates over pictures, wishes there was shiraz in kitchen)!
maybe instead of the Lowballs, we could be the Highballs, in keeping with the liquored-up, I mean, uh, wine-tasting theme. except with reference to hard liquor. and no actual acronym. Perfect, right?!

1blueshi1 said...

just clicked over to my favorite picture of the bunch, Frogtown, and they actually have something going on the weekend of my birthday, which ups the possibility of me being able to go--good lord I cannot even type, what a day--and also seems to fit my slender budget! the brunch in October on the 14th, my bday is that Friday the 12th--tried to look for an email for you but did not find, mine is so email me 'K?

No Nonsense girl said...

Take me with you please!!!

My TT is up, visit me at

Lulu said...

Look at you getting all research-y on me! I'm in...just tell me when!

All of the locations look great!

Um, Leandra, it looks as though we have many DDs. I'm just sayin'...

ellen b said...

How grand that would be to see all these wineries and bloggies too...
happy tt

Damozel said...

Wow; thanks for the info (and pictures) on Georgia vineyards. I live in Florida so I am glad to find out about them (and am going to bookmark the page).

Laurel said...

Boo-Hoo-Hoo from way over here in the southwest. Although I'm not so envious as to not be able to wish you a very happy trip. I'll look forward to hearing all about it.

Nicholas said...

Great list. Now I'll go and pour myself a glass!

Lauren said...

Lauren is in. Very in. But you must must MUST promise that we will go again next year when there most decidedly will NOT be a bun in the oven.

(ok..back to reality: honestly Im running out of time though! due date is in 7 weeks, and i am going to the beach for two of those weekends, WHOOHOO!, and have anxiety about traveling too close to the due if i have to miss this year-Im going to be sad. But will organize next year.)

Names? Can i still name even if I can't go? "Wining bloggers?", "Winetasters Over Night Discovery Experience Retreat"="WONDER women bloggers tour"? Ok thats a stretch. I'll keep thinking on it.

el-e-e said...

Oooh! Who knew Dahlonegha was such a wine fiesta?! That sounds fun! As long as none of you gals are, like, weirdos. Bless your hearts I mean. ;)

Here's another idea, since Lauren IS so close to Baby Time, we could start with a "tea" or luncheon get-together, and then plan the winery trip while there... just a thought. I love the idea, though!

I am not feeling overly creative but will think of some names. I think "lowballs" is hilarious but perhaps not quite... quite.

Bloggers said...

Yummo Vino!!

my 13 is up on

Mir said...

Dude. I am SO IN.

Can we go to the winery in Helen? That way we can also go eat funnel cakes. (I am fancy.)