Sunday, September 9, 2007

A brand new me

Well, that didn't go very well now, did it? Let's not talk of it again.

Okay since everybody else jumped off the bridge I had to, too (everybody being Lulu and Sophie) . I went and
Simpsonized myself. Here I am in all my Springfieldian glory...

This was one of the few times I wish I wore glasses all the time so that I wouldn't have to choose from their very skimpy selection of eyebrows. I know thick eyebrows are in, but DUDE! I also went ahead and made my hair a little shorter because guess what? I'm getting a hair cut on Tuesday! At a real salon! I'm so psyched because I haven't gotten a "real" hair cut in quite some time. I used to get my hair done at this really trendy place here in town and the girl did an awesome job. When I first started going there I only had one child and they only charged me $40 for a haircut. That was what I paid for my haircuts in Savannah, so it seemed reasonable. Slowly but surely, appointment by appointment, the cost kept going up. The last time I got my hair cut there was not long after Punkin' was born. It was $60 for just a shampoo, cut and
blowdry. With tip it was $70. I'm sorry, but that is just TOO much for a haircut. I KNOW it's harder than it looks, but $60??!! Seriously? So, I had to cut ties (pun intended) with that salon.

And finding a new hairdresser is a big deal, right? I know in a recent post I was all "what's the big deal, it'll grow back" but I still want to maintain some semblance of style, you know? Even if they cut it off to a nub I still want it to be a stylish nub. So, I did what anybody would do. I stopped a stranger on the street and asked her where she got her hair cut. Don't tell me you've never done it. Or at least wanted to! Actually, she wasn't a complete stranger -- her son(?) goes to the same daycare that
Punkin' goes to. She had this amazingly cute hairstyle and so I asked. And you'll never believe where she gets it cut! Cost Cutters for $11.99!! So, I went and got a great cut, too. I wore it in that style for a while, but I get tired of the same hairstyle month after month and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do next. I've been back a time or two and she's always done what I asked but I haven't been blown away.

And so now, my mother has found a new stylist and she (my mother, not the stylist) has graciously and generously given me the money to get my hair cut with this girl too. My mother is self-admittedly obsessive about her hair so for my mother to recommend someone is a big deal. So I'm excited. I'm contemplating two haircuts. I need some
feeback because Mr. Husband is like, "Whatever you want." I'm thinking either the new Katie Holmes (but NOT the "Posh"):

Or Selma Blair from a couple of years ago:

I really like the Selma Blair cut, but I've recently met a new mom at church and her hair is cut in a similar fashion. We have a
playdate tentatively set for Saturday and I don't want her to think I've gone all "Single White Female" on her.

I've had my hair cut short before (Mia Farrow in
Rosemary's Baby short, in fact) and I really liked it. But I was thinner then. And going short again makes me a little nervous. But I kind of think I need something to wake me up. Shake me up, if that makes any sense. I've gotten into such a rut. Maybe a new haircut will make me get off my ass and go to the gym. Maybe it will revitalize me. What do you guys think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Which one looks like the new me?


Lulu said...

Um, first of all, so sorry about the game. GR was totally bummed as well.

And secondly, we must be in the same rut. I am doing my post on Tuesday about my hairstyle as well!! I went yesterday to get mine cut and colored. And all that I can say is that it's a bit red. Okay, a freaking lot red. I love the color of Selma's hair, which is what I wanted, but I walked into the salon and the receptionist's hair was a beautiful shade of red, so that's what I ended up with. You'll see the picture later this week. It's kind of a travesty.

Oh, I LOVE Katie's cut! It is so cute! I would totally go with that cut. Selma's is awesome too, though. Next salon visit, I'm printing a picture of Selma's hair because I so want her hair color...

Lauren said...

Im with Lulu...go with the Katie cut. I think you'll look great in it. Where did you decide to go? You'll have to post pictures.

Yes, yesterday was painful. Fortunately AU lost too, so that made me feel slightly better. Stupid spurrier.

Laurel said...

I'm a Katie cut vote, too! Super cute, and as I'm currently growing out a short, short haircut, I wouldn't advise it. The growing out stages are NOT cute. Good luck.

Madame Queen said...

How perverse am I that the more of you who say go with the "Katie" the more I WANT to go with the "Selma". I swear I think I'm 5 years old sometimes. I probably will go with the "Katie" though.

Amy and Kia said...

Katie Holmes. Selma's picture is a couple of years old you said. Why do you want a "brand new - couple of year's old - you"? Doesn't make sense. Besides, if you hate it, it will "always grow back."

1blueshi1 said...

I have to plump on the side of the many, here: go with the Katie! During The Great Lice Plague/Debacle I was going through my stacks of celeb gossip rags cutting out pics for the hairdresser. Also, since the Katie is longer than the Selma, if you don't like it, you can go shorter--but if you get the Selma and don't like it...then you will only be able to do a Britney! hehe

also, my shoes??? sadly that is NOT all of them. eBay is a WONDERFUL place. my last pair of Jessica Simpsons was 9.99; even after s&h, still cheaper than even Payless!!!!!!!!!!!

el-e-e said...

Oh, I LOVE new hairstyles. I am calling my salon tomorrow, in fact, to schedule something. Am sick of my current hair. :)

Hope you like the new stylist!

Sophie said...

I wish I lived closer to Athens because I would certainly go for that $11.99 haircut. My hairdresser - bless her heart - is cheap but, boy! She goes at my hair like Edward Scissorhands. And it doesn't look at good as what he could do.

Anyway, your Simpsonized self is quite lovely. And I vote for Selma's haircut. I decided that before I read all the other comments. Just wear a headband on the playdate.