Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Haiku: Play Ball!

Back when I first started blogging there was a blogger (or two?) who started a meme -- the Friday Haiku. I loved it, for one because I always knew what I was going to post on Friday and two because I loved the challenge of fitting whatever I wanted to talk about into the strict Haiku format.

I don't know if the Friday Haiku is still a "thing" or not, but I'm going to start doing it because I think it's fun. I had planned to write today about Bubba's baseball practice last night and I'm still going to do it, just in haiku.

Warm metal bleachers,
making thin lines on my thighs.
Bees buzzing my ears.

Ten eight year old boys
run hither and yon to catch
balls just out of reach.

Dust clouds follow them.
Dirt and grass on skinny knees.
Sweat trickles on brows.

Eager to learn rules,
soaking them up like a sponge.
Perfecting their skills.

Mom, dad, sis, watching,
cheering while offering tips.
"Get your elbow up!"

All American.
Baseball, Mom and apple pie.
So proud of my boy.


Leslie said...

Terrific! I love it!

Amy Munnell said...

Completely impressed! That is awesome in its truest definition.

Katie said...

Wow! I never knew you had secret Haiku superpowers! :) Mine would never sound so effortless!