Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What a girl wants

What do I want? This right here

I want a new blog design. When I first created my banner I thought it was so creative and cool. But that was way back when I was a blog novice. I was only reading like two blogs back then. I didn't know how many awesomely cool looking blogs are out there (not that the two I was reading weren't awesome because they are, but they are professional bloggers, sort of).

And I have major blog envy. See, Lulu just did an awesome blog upgrade as did Precarious Tomato. I know there are probably other things I can do to my blog, but I'm not really very technically savvy. I'm fairly good at graphic design-y type stuff, but I don't know how to bring it to life on my blog.

I've started pricing upgrades, but frankly, blog upgrade is not exactly a line item in the ol' budget these days. When Lulu kindly alerted me to the above contest, I told her I had been casing a couple of banks, but really, a contest is so much easier! Plus, there's no prison involved! Bonus!

So, cross your fingers for me. And you can enter, too, IF YOU MUST. If you just have to. But if I don't win I'm going to cry. And seriously, nobody wants that right?


Lauren said...

I'm pulling for you!! (Not that your design isn't absolutely lovely already of course)

Im sticking with my monkeys for a little while but when you win I wanna hear all about it :)

MacKenzie said...

I hope you win! Your white-on-black layout is killing my eyes, girl!!

Lauren said...

BTW, this is so off the subject but I was rereading your Bend it like Beckham post (i REALLY don't want to clean) and wondered if you had seen the Publix commercial with the little boy playing soccer?? It reminds me of Bubba...so cute.

Madame Queen said...

MacKenzie -- well, if i don't win I'm going to do some kind of redesign myself. I'll take your poor eyes into consideration. ;)

Lauren -- I LOVE that commercial! That's Bubba to a T -- "Did you see me? I was AWESOME!"

Lulu said...

I soooooo hope you win! And not because I don't like your blog design or anything, because I do, but I soooooo hope you win!

Chickenbells said...

Oh...no crying, that would be so very awful! Thanks for visiting my blog...and I wanted to let you know that view is right out my big ole picture window looking out into my front yard as it was raining and sunny at the same time, in Prescott AZ (a lovely little Northern town)

Susan said...

Hmmm...a new blog design for me? Not a bad idea. No, seriously - win, child, win away! We're pulling for you.

(and I have to agree with Mackenzie that this template vs. the white on black is much easier on the eyes)

But live dangerously and win a new design!