Thursday, November 29, 2007

Small Kindnesses

Recently some people have shown me small kindnesses. And while the acts themselves might have been small, my gratitude was large. These seemingly simple acts made my day. And they have have affected me.

To give you a rundown:

1. A friend in Massachusetts was going to send me something. When the package arrived, it seemed larger than it should be, considering what I knew to be inside. But when I opened it -- Oh! Y'all. Inside was a copy of every Boston Globe dealing with the Red Sox's ALCS and World Series victory. What a gift. I was floored and so touched. When the Sox won the Series in 2004, my husband actually paid money to the Home Shopping Network for a copy of the Globe that documented their victory. But she knew we liked the Sox and she sent these papers.

2. My co-worker, MacKenzie, surprised me and another co-worker with coffees from Starbucks one morning. She knew my favorite flavor -- Gingerbread Latte -- and even got me a grande! It was such a wonderful start to the day and such a pleasant surprise.

3. My friend emailed me and said "You deserve a treat" and then proceeded to give me the tickets to the awesome Georgia v. Auburn game.

4. I've been nominated for a couple of blog awards recently. Y'all might think it's silly, but these meant so much to me. I started this blog kind of as a fluke and when I get these awards it feels like...I don't know. Validation.

5. I had my mom order this shirt for Bubba's birthday from The Rocking Pony's Etsy site (He sooo wants to be a rock star). I read her blog regularly. She reads mine. When the gift arrived today, one of these fell out. She included it for Punkin because she didn't want Punkin to feel left out. I can't even explain how this small act of kindness made me feel. (Go check out her site! She's got some really cute stuff!)

Y'all, all of these times I was so touched that tears came to my eyes. Am I overly emotional? Probably -- I told you I'm an easy crier. But it made me start to try to think of ways -- even small ways -- that I could brighten someone else's day. I get so caught up in my day to day life that I often don't stop to think of others. Is it selfish? Or just a fact of my harried life? I don't know. But I don't want it to be that way. I want to make others feel good about themselves. I want to do things to make others happy.

It may sound kind of cheesy, but I want to pay it forward. So that's my new resolution -- not new year's resolution -- just a plain old resolution.


AndreAnna said...

As stupid as this sounds, I try and compliment three people a day. I will tell them I like their shoes, the way they did their hair, how I noticed how hard they work.

I know it makes me feel good to receive a compliment, so I try and do that one small thing every day.

Karen said...

In my eyes, you just did pay it forward. Such a heartfelt thank you is a wonderful kindness. You're just the sweetest!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Kind people tend to attract kindness. I think you already pay it forward every day.

I tagged you for a meme :-)

Laurel said...

Good people make life great. Here's one for you: I always look forward to reading your comments and your blog. How about that? See. You've already paid it forward, and I'm someone you've never even met in person.

Sophie said...

I love reading about good things happening in a person's life.

Oh, and you so deserve it all!!

Lauren said...

What a good post! I had something absolutely amazing happen like this to me yesterday and if i was still blogging I would have documented it there. As it is, Im putting it here...just because I can't stand the idea that this one woman's kindness might go unnoticed. Please forgive the lengthiness.
Yesterday I was at walmart, and after waiting in line for a long time, I finally checked out. Pea was screaming, Ladybug and Mr. man were being rowdy and I was REALLY ready to get out of there. The checkout person handed me what I thought was all of my bags, and I got the heck out of there. Got back to the car (which was parked in the back 40 btw) and realized I DIDNT get all my bags. Excluded were the baby wipes which I REALLy needed. however all the kids were strapped in and I said to heck with it, Ill go out later, I CANT go back into wally world. Lo and Behold, the woman who was in line behind me walks up and says, "did you know you left some bags? I see you have three kids and your hands full...let me go in and get them". Yall, it was cold, and we parked far from the store...but she went in and got my bags and brought them out to me. I swear, this is when I truly believe in angels among us...and this woman was definitely one of them. I hope I can pay that one forward too. And I hope that she knows what a BIG deal that was to me.

Esme said...

I was having a hard day so far, and your post has completely turned it around... Thank you so much, Madame!

ImpostorMom said...

Such a sweet post and sweet friends. It is always nice to be shown kindness and equally gratifying to show kindness.

When I returned to work after my surgery I found in my chair a gift from my boss. A little silver espresso cup full of chocolate covered espresso beans and a gift card to starbucks. All because she was thinking of me during my surgery. How awesome is that. Made me feel so good. (Oh and I looooove the gingerbread lattes, so yummy!)

All Adither said...

how lovely.

Gingerbread lattes ARE heavenly.

1blueshi1 said...

you are so sweet Madame Queen! which reminds me I don't think I have posted about the blog award you gave me yet (gah! still? I know!) Life has just been kicking my butt timewise lately with travel holiday work et al I am just playing catchup all the time--please don't think I'm not TRULY grateful, because the blog awards I've gotten this year have been so special to me--as you said, validation.
Have a great weekend, I am heading out the door to do 2 miles before the young ones awaken.

Colleen said...

it's nice to see good, sweet people getting something good in certainly deserve it!