Sunday, November 25, 2007

Can't. Move. Too. Full.

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. One full of good food and good family. We did. The family part was good and the food part was out of this world.

On Thursday we went to my mother-in-law's house. In addition to the family we were expecting, Mr. Daddy's cousin and his wife were also there. We haven't seen them since their wedding back in 2003, so it was good to see them. Mr. Daddy and his cousin are very close in age and because my MIL and her sisters have always been so close, the cousins were close, too. Of course now everybody is spread out and they don't get to see each other very often, so that was a nice surprise.

When we spend Thanksgiving with my family, we usually have two meals -- a lunch at my dad's house with my brother and his family and all of my aunts, uncles, great-aunts and uncles and most of my cousins. After that we go to supper at my mom's with my brother, et al and most of my step-siblings, of which there are 7.

My dad had about 50 at his house for Thanksgiving. He used to own a restaurant, so cooking for large crowds is not that hard for him. And everybody brings a side dish, so he really just does the meats. But my dad will be 70 -- 70!!-- this December and it's getting a little harder for him every year. My mom has been known to have 25 or more at her house, and although she never owned a restaurant, she has become a master at cooking for large numbers. But my mom is 67, so I know it's harder for her every year, too.

Anyway, so it was weird to eat only one big meal on Thanksgiving this year. In fact, my Thanksgiving meal this year was right puny compared to meals of yore. I really only had one helping of everything, except of course the mashed potatoes and a squash casserole that was unlike any I've had before.

But then. Then. On Friday I went to my dad's house and ate leftovers for lunch. There wasn't a whole lot left over -- I mean, with 50 people you have to be a little surprised that there's ANY left over. But when I left there was NOTHING left over. I ate until I was almost sick.

Small digression -- I have a habit of doing that. Eating myself sick, I mean. When I was a child there were two things that I would eat until I was nearly nauseated. My grandmother's dressing (as in turkey and dressing) and her colored butterbeans. Dressing, of course, I only got to have at Thanksgiving, but she would cook her colored butterbeans almost every Sunday, especially during the summer when their garden was in full bloom. And I don't even know if colored butterbeans are what they're REALLY called, but that's what we called them. They were small, gray butterbeans cooked with fatback. Heav-en! And oh how I miss them.

From my dad's house we went to my mom's house. Several years ago, before my children were even born, my mother decided that if she was going to be a grandmother there were certain things she needed to learn how to cook. Chicken and dumplings was one. Dressing was the other. And her dressing is fantastic and it gets better every year. It's just not Thanksgiving to me unless I get some dressing. And though I love my MIL, even SHE apologized for using Stove Top stuffing. My mom had some dressing left over and even though I was full to bursting, I heated myself up a couple of pieces and went to town.

On Saturday we went back to my mom's house to watch the Georgia game. When we got there I helped myself to a delicious piece of my mom's homemade pumpkin cheesecake. Then we snacked on cheese and crackers and a vegetable plate while we watched the game. A beer or two might have been consumed. Then my step sister and I proceeded to eat almost an entire large pizza -- though in our defense it WAS thin crust. And I topped that off with another piece of pumpkin cheesecake. Why, yes, it was hard to find pants that fit this morning. Why do you ask?

What was the best thing you ate over Thanksgiving? Is there one thing you have to have to make the holiday complete?


Leslie said...

I must have pumpkin pie. I didn't have time to make or buy one before the holiday, so on Saturday I bought myself a small one. I ate two pieces for breakfast yesterday! Yum! No one else in my little family seems to understand this obsession of mine...

We missed you, by the way.

Karen said...

Ah, this takes me back. We had friends from the South and it was all about dressing for holidays. We Yankees call it stuffing, and laugh at dressing. Sadly, it's the Southerners who can cook it better, though.

Amy and Kia said...

My mom made northern style dressing and it was good, but I like your mom's better. I like cornbread better than bread-bread and my mom always but the "giblets" in it. What is a giblet and who decided it was fit to eat?!

Amy and Kia said...

That's "put" the giblets in it, not "but" the giblets...Ooops!

Lauren said...

For me the best part of Thanksgiving is the leftover turkey made into big fat turkey sandwiches the evening after a midday meal..just bread, a touch of mayo and LOTS of turkey! Ive heard people make sandwiches with turkey, dressing, gravy and cranberry sauce...but Im not that adventurous. Just meat and bread for me!!

Lulu said...

Oh, MQ, you sound like me! I, too, ate until I could not breathe! Couple in the fact that my birthday was Friday (BTW - thanks for the well-wishes!), and we went to Carabbas to eat EVEN MORE FOOD, I can barely move today.

Guess it's oatmeal and boiled eggs until Christmas.

Oh, and my favorite thing this year---Buttermilk Pie that my cousin made. OH MY STARS was it delish. In fact, I have 1/2 the leftover pie sitting in my fridge that sadly is going to hit the trash can tonight. Otherwise, I swear I'll eat the remainder of it before Tuesday.

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you got to enjoy so many varieties of dressing!

All Adither said...

70. My dad is in his 60s, but 70 looms. At least in my mind. It must be so odd to be 70. And probably mentally feel like you're 40.

Sophie said...

50 at one dinner?!?! Wow, I'm impressed.

I love my mom's dressing. I could eat just dressing and gravy for Thanksgiving, and my day would be complete. It's cornbread dressing, with celery and sage. Yum.

1blueshi1 said...

my mom doesn't like to cook, and her cooking REFLECTS that. when I visit, I cook! but in her defense, she does make two homemade pies that are out of this world, a pecan praline and a French silk chocolate, and it's not a holiday unless I have both (whole pies, lays down to zip jeans).

Colleen said...

glad you had great thanksgiving!

I usually HAVE to eat turkey and pumpkin pie. Anything else is just extra. If my mom would have allowed me to load up my plate with only turkey and pumpkin pie, I would've been a very happy (and fatter) girl growing up. I also have to have leftovers, but since I didn't cook this year, or host or anything, we got diddly squat for the leftovers. :( i will attempt to make up for this at Christmas when it's only the three of us eating...should be easy to have leftovers then.