Monday, November 26, 2007

Punkin Funny

I have a confession to make. I know I'm probably going to get some backlash from this, but here goes: I don't really like babies very much. Okay, that's not 100% true. I love babies -- especially my own. They usually smell pretty good, the occasional poop smell notwithstanding. And they're good to snuggle with.

BUT. They are not great conversationalists you have to admit. And they rarely stun you with some out-of-left-field but right-on-target insight. And witty remarks are few and far between.

THAT's why I love toddlers and preschoolers. I love it when they're personalities start to develop. When you can see their thought processes. The other day I said that Punkin was probably going to start appearing here more and more. She's definitely coming into her own.

Yesterday Bubba was chasing her around the house with one of these:

The head and neck move when you push a button on the back and Punkin did not like it one little bit. Of course, being an almost 5 year old boy AND an older brother, he could not resist tormenting her and so he continued until she was almost in tears. Finally I intervened, "Bubba, stop that! She doesn't like it."

Punkin looked right at Bubba and said in her firmest voice "Bubba! I no like that!" You tell him, Punkin!

And then last night at bedtime Bubba and Punkin were giving each other their nightly bedtime hugs and kisses. Punkin already had her higgie and there might have been just the teensiest amount of drool on her chin. When she leaned in for her kiss Bubba said "Ewww. Punkin! That kiss was slimy!" And of course, being an almost 5 year old boy and an older brother, he kept on with the ewww-ing and the yuck-ing long after Punkin and I headed down the hall to her room. When we got to her door I guess Punkin had had enough. She turned around and yelled back down the hall "No Bubba! Not swimy!"

But the funniest things she's said lately have come on two recent mornings. On the first morning Mr. Daddy sat down next to Punkin and said "How did you sleep?" She replied "I lay down in my bed." Duh Daddy!

This morning when he asked her "How did you sleep?" she said "Zzzzzz." Looks like we've got a little Amelia Bedelia on our hands!


AndreAnna said...

Daddy's can be so dense! :)

The things kids say crack me up!

Karen said...

I love Punkin! She and Bubba are too much. Yes, the toddler years are where it's at. We've got Luke just growing out of all that and are missing him terribly.

I'm with you on the baby thing. I dearly loved my own. The wonderful baby smell, holding them, just looking at them. But other people's babies do nothing for me. I have no desire to even hold them. It's bad.

1blueshi1 said...

too cute!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I'm with you and Karen. My own girl was OK when she was a baby, but she's way more fun now that she's saying funny things.

Lauren said...

Don't you love watching them interact? I could just listen to my two young'uns (i don't count the baby yet) for hours...they have their own little world where things that make no sense to you and i are completely normal to them...makes for some funny eavesdropping!!

Sophie said...

Your kids are so sweet! I just love this post.

I really like it when my girl gets fiesty. Let 'em have it, Pumpkins!

Esme said...

What a smart girly!

Laurel said...

Truth is: I like big kids better too? Does that make me a bad woman/mother? I know those women out there who just love to carry those babies around, but I do a happy dance when mine start walking on their own. It's like I get part of my body back. And they are much funnier, too. But maybe we should just keep that to ourselves.

Lulu said...

Okay...I so have to meet these little munchkins!

Colleen said...

you go, Punkin!!!