Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ay yi yi

So all week, a cold has been working it's way into my body. By Thursday it had set up shop and was holding its semi-annual white sale. And then for SOME reason, on Friday, my allergies went on high alert and I sneezed and sniffed and snorted all day long. By Friday at 5:00, I waved the white flag and went and bought some serious allergy/cold meds.

And THEN I had to go to Bubba's end of season soccer party. On one hand, end of season so YAY! Cause let's just say soccer stardom is not in Bubba's future. On the other hand, I'm hopped up on cold meds and I have to go sit in a SUPER slow pizza restaurant with 5 other 4-6 year olds, their accompanying mostly younger siblings and the other parents, which okay, the parents part was fine because we all sat at one table and got to have mostly adult conversation. But can I just say that Johnny's Pizza on this side of town needs to seriously get its act together. The entire place was full last night and at one point only one table had pizza. And most importantly, it wasn't ours! AND our cheesy bread came out AFTER our pizza.

And THEN, we got home and I had to put both kids to bed because Mr. Daddy was dealing with our "ghost" and by 8:30 I was literally sacked out on the sofa. I've never been so exhausted in my life. I finally dragged myself to bed around 9:00, fully admitting defeat adn also that I am old.

And THEN, Punkin' woke up at 11:30 extremely upset that her sippy cup of water that I allow her to take to bed was empty. So I had to get up and get more water.

And THEN at 12:30 Bubba woke me up to alert me that he was "soakin', soakin', soakin' wet" (by way of explanation, Bubba has only recently been staying dry at night. I was beginning to think that he was going to go to college in pull ups but then one night, then two, then several -- he was dry! So we've been skipping the pull-ups and been mostly successful). And he was soaked. I mean, he was wet all the way up to the neck of his shirt. So, I had to get up, change him, scrounge around and find some sheets and a dry blanket, change the bed and then stumble back to MY bed.

And THEN, my neighbors decided to have a yard sale and so beginning around 6:30 this morning, their dogs -- who bark at EVERYTHING, even us when we go out into our OWN BACKYARD -- started in.

So if you need me, I'll be in bed.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I would really like to know why pizza places have the nerve to make us pay for bread sticks when they are delivered AFTER the pizza. Once the pizza has arrived, all other food groups are irrelevant. And should be free.

Jozet said...

Whoa...I thought I was the onlyone who had days like this.

Get thee to bed.

1blueshi1 said...

fedexing care package of soup...hope you feel better soon! get lots of rest this weekend (yeah, riiight...)

Esme said...

Three took FOREVER to stay dry all night. I used to make bed lasagna -- I'd make his bed up with a plastic cover over the mattress, then layers of sheets and water-absorbing mats (like they sell for cribs). I think I'd put on, like, four of each, one on top of the other. I'd tuck an extra top-sheet and blanket under the bed, just in case his covers got wet, too. Then, when the inevitable happened in the middle of the night, I'd get up, strip off one layer of the lasagna, throw the dry covers back on, and tuck him back in.

It's the interrupted sleep that kills me, sick or no. I can deal with 5 hours of sleep. I cannot deal with 5 1-hour chunks of sleep.

Feel better soon!

Lulu said...

Oooh...sorry that you were so sick! Call me next time. I'll come running with Coronas. Isn't that the cure for everything?