Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Blog Bits

I don't know if any of you experienced this today, but Blogger was having some kind of "issue." Every time I would try to comment on someone's blogspot blog I would get an error message. I felt very...thwarted. Who knew I had so much to say about YOUR blogs? Very late in the day I found that if *I* was already logged in to blogger that I could comment on other people's blogs, but if I wasn't already logged in = error message. Whew! (Do you think Betty Ford has a wing for bloggers?)

I've decided that fall is my favorite season. I used to think I was a springtime girl -- you know, the thaw after the winter, the flowers. BUT, this fall (and last fall) have cemented fall in first place in my affections. I much prefer the cooling off after the sweltering summer (that cooling off is of course in theory -- it was 75 here today). I prefer fall clothes -- they're more forgiving. You can't see my ham arms in my cozy sweaters. There's not much you can do hide them in sleeveless shirts. But my favorite thing about fall is the trees. Oh! They are glorious! I had heard that drought makes the colors more vibrant, but that too much drought would mean they wouldn't have any color. If they are any less vibrant this year I can't tell it. I saw a tree today that was just golden, except for one teensy little stripe down one side of the tree that was gloriously burgundy, like someone had swiped just the edge with a paintbrush.

The thing I like best about the trees, though, is that they make me take notice. So often I'm rushing here or there, lost in thought, listening to the whining from the back seat. But when the trees look like this you can't help but notice. The trees bring my outside of myself and make me think "Oh my gosh. That is glorious. LIFE is glorious. I'm glad to be alive."


Some days there's just no pleasing Punkin. When I picked her up today she was in a mood. Nothing suited. The answer to every question was "NO!" After we picked up Bubba she continued to whine and fuss about every little thing.

Finally I said, "Punkin, if you don't stop whining I'm going to leave you on the side of the road."

Bubba wailed "No, Mommy! She's my little sister and I love her!"


I have a feeling I'm in for a real treat tomorrow. Bubba's school is going to a nearby senior center for a Thanksgiving lunch. Parents are always invited to go along on field trips, but this is the first one I've been able to attend so far. And I'm going to ride the bus. I could have just met them at the senior center, but Bubba was absolutely insistent that I ride the bus, so ride the bus I shall.


Tonight after dinner Bubba and I were playing knights. He asked me "Mommy, do you mind being the bad guy?" With manners like that how could I refuse?


I STILL can't hear out of my right ear. I know you guys are sick of hearing about it -- heck, I"m sick of hearing about it (or not hearing about it, as the case may be! HA!). It makes conversations in the car particularly difficult. I've been keeping the radio mostly off because that noise combined with the kids talking creates a cacophony of sound inside my head that should be designated as an official form of torture.


I wore these boots yesterday (in black, natch):

NOT SMART. I hiked from the parking deck to my office. Two hours later I hiked from my office to the parking deck. I picked Bubba up from school. I picked Punkin up from school. We went to the doctor's office. We went to McDONALDS! I took Bubba BACK to school. I took Punkin to the PARK because I couldn't take her back to school until after nap time. I took Punkin back to school. I hiked from the parking deck to my office. I hiked from office to the parking deck. I picked Punkin up from school and stood and chatted with her teacher for 15 mintues. I picked Bubba up from school and stood and chatted with HIS teacher for 15 minutes. I did all that in THOSE shoes. When I finally got home and took my shoes off, my feet took off, jumped right off the end of my legs and ran around yelping like wounded dogs, like you see in those old cartoons.


AndreAnna said...

I have found a new love for fall too the last few years... I always thought I loved spring more, but fall seems to have suited me better as I've settled down.

And my toes are still numb from wearing spike heels for 14 hours TWO WEEKS AGO! Ugh! But, fashion before function!

Laurel said...

But the boots are sooo cuuuuute! Beauty is pain, right?

I love fall too. I miss fall. A lot. Mesa in the fall really stinks. But Mesa in the winter is a delight. Half full? Half empty? I can't decide.

Yikes, I hope your ear returns to normal asap!

Your kids are cute. Bravo to a brother for saving his sister from certain abandonment!

Lulu said...

You, my dear, are a slave to fashion. I've gotten to the point in which I can only wear Aerosoles to the office. Luckily, they do make some pretty fashionable shoes (and boots!) these days.

I was noticing the trees this morning, too! The maples are amazing...epecially the golden ones.

Colleen said...

great shoes!!!

and Bubba is so sweet to save Punkin and ask you so nicely about being the bad guy. :) Gavin was sweet the other day be patting my hair and telling me to go to sleep when he climbed into bed with us.

also, I had (still have) major issues with trying to comment on Typepad blogs when I'm at work because I suspect the network nazis are blocking me. I have tried logging out of typepad, etc., but still can't seem to do so. But I go home and no problems...can comment on every typepad blog I come across. Weird how technology works (or doesn't!).

1blueshi1 said...

my feet are completely feeling your feet's pain. I wore my platform stiletto boots today and had to park 2 blocks away from work. went to lunch with coworkers and was designated the driver. Hike! then coming back still no decent parking. Hike! then on break back down 2 blocks away to retrieve vehicle and repark next to building so I don't have to walk out in the pitch black so far by myself.
the things we have to do to convince ourselves we are still hot. old, but hot (sobs)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

The only thing that could potentially be more painful than a day in those shoes is a ride on a bus with several little ones. At least they're both cute!

Susan said...

Awesome boots, as everyone here has already said. The bus ride should be interesting. I've found that the times I've done it I feel like everyone's mom, telling kids to sit straight, knock it off, etc.

The part about leaving Punkin on the side of the road made me laugh. I have to bite my tongue when I'm tempted to say that b/c my kids can take things so literally. Mean mommies unite!