Sunday, November 18, 2007

100 Things - Counting by Tens

Well, I never thought it would happen, really, but I've written 100 posts. Some days it's hard to imagine that I've had the time or the energy to write even one, but somehow there are 100 -- or at least that's what Blogger tells me. I'll take his word for it.

I've never really filled out the "About Me" section that you find on most blogs. For one thing, I've read too many of yours and feel like anything I put down would pale in comparison. Also, to be frank, it seems impossible to sum myself up in just a couple of sentences. I am, if nothing else, complicated. And I'm full of contradictions. Just ask Mr. Daddy.

I've also been tempted to do the "100 Things" you see on a lot of blogs, but was a little overwhelmed by the task. So, I'm stealing a little bit from Diary of a Diapering Madwoman who did her "100 Things" in bits and pieces and Blowtorch in the Middle, who already had a "100 Things" but did 10 more in honor of her 100th post. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies!

So here goes. Please note that these are in no particular order, except the order that they popped into my head. And I"m going to start at 100 and go backwards. I don't know if there's a protocol to these things, but this is how it's going to go on this here blog.

100. I can never remember what the anti-drug acronym DARE stands for. Never. I always think it stands for Drugs Are Really Evil. It actually stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education (I had to ask Mr. Daddy). I think mine is better.

99. I like Mariachi music.

98. And cowboy yodeling.

97. I'm an easy crier. Mr. Daddy still teases me about crying over a Mercedes commercial where the Mercedes is about to be crushed in a junkyard and it's "life" with this young family starts flashing before its eyes. Sniff.

96. I can pat my head with one hand and rub my stomach with the other. If I switch hands I can do the opposite task on the opposite body location.

95. I can quote most of the first chapter of Gone With the Wind from memory. Oops! I meant to say first PARAGRAPH, not the first chapter. Sorry!

94. I have an irrational fear of spiders.

93. I love french fries. Especially dipped in ranch dressing. They are my dietary downfall every time.

92. I have a tattoo. It's a comedy and tragedy mask, which occasionally seems kind of cheesy to me, but it does mean something to me and I've never regretted getting it. Nobody can see it unless I want to show it to them and since it's now located riiiight beneath my c-section scar, only my doctor and Mr. Daddy get to see it these days!

91. I won the county spelling bee in the fifth and seventh grade. On the certificate for my 5th grade win they spelled my name wrong.

That's it for now. I'll post these periodically until I have 100.


AndreAnna said...

I won the spelling bee in seventh grade too!!!!

And french fries in ranch dressing? I may have to try this! Have you tried them in the honey mustard sauce at Fridays? TO. DIE. FOR!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

There is much irony to be found in your spelling bee certificate.

If you ever grow bored of ranch on fries, try adding just a touch of ketchup. Seriously, mix some ranch and ketchup together. I know it sounds disgusting, but it's surprisingly yummy. It sort of makes for a tangy ranchy sauce.

Laurel said...

I love french fries. I'm trying to watch what I eat right now, and I miss french fries. A lot.

I made the finals of our county spelling bee in the 7th grade. The girl in front of me got the word weird, and then I got some biblical name that I had never before or since. Seriously, when they gave the word people started laughing it was so obscure. And unfair, I may add.

I used to think I was a great speller, but as I've gotten older I seem to have gotten worse...or maybe I just know more and come to find out I never was that good...I can't tell.

Until you mentioned it I'd never though about what DARE stands for. I didn't know either, although I think I was told at one point. It's not a memorable name. In fact, I can't remember it as I'm typing this. That's not good.

Now I'm going to stop typing and see if I can switch hands and rub my head and pat my belly the other way. Wish me luck.

Laurel said...

Yes I can!

el-e-e said...

Impressive #95! And funny about the spelling certificate!

This is a great way to do 100 Things. I never have, but might try it this way - stealing another good idea = the life of blog-writing! :)

I'll be anxious to read more of yours.

Karen said...

They spelled your name wrong on a spelling bee prize?!

Ranch Dressing is a staple in our house. My kids not only love fries, but their pizza dipped as well.

I had no idea what DARE stood for. Well, the actual initials. I know what the group stands for as a whole.

Esme said...

I'm looking forward to reading the next installment of your 100 Things! We're on a sweet-potato fries kick at our house right now, but when I get a hold of some regular potato french fries, I'm going to try them with ranch dressing. Can you believe I never have before?

1blueshi1 said...

You GO, Grrl! I was first runner up in Nueces County when I was in sixth grade. Do you watch the Scripps-Howard National Spelling Bee on ESPN every year like I do? My downfall was tachometer, much to my dad's dismay, hehe.!!!

Susan said...

"97. I'm an easy crier. Mr. Daddy still teases me about crying over a Mercedes commercial..."

I love you more now than I already did. If it makes you feel better I cried all the way through a sappy McCormick's spice commercial -- one before Thanksgiving, I think. I'm so embarrassed to go to movies; you never know when it will strike.

BTW, you rock that you'd even THINK of writing up 100 things! Happy Thanksgiving - stay away from commercials. :)

Lulu said...

I believe that french fries are the downfall of this NATION! But mmm-mmm, they are delectable! I love dipping Zaxby's french fries in the Zaxby's hot sauce. You MUST try it!