Sunday, December 2, 2007

Random Blog Commenter...Come On Down!!! You're the Next Contestant

Boy this was a busy weekend, but I'll have to blog about that later. Today we have a contest. And who doesn't love a contest? Especially when you could win this:

In case you've been living in a cave and don't know who this is, this is Miffy. Oh, and THIS Miffy? She's 28" tall. That's right. I said twenty eight inches. And you can't get this Miffy anywhere else except here and Ty's Toy Box. See, Ty's knows where the real word-of-mouth power lies -- BLOGS!

I don't know about you, but I've done just about all of my holiday shopping online this year. I've used a variety of sites -- some good, some not so good. Ty's Toy Box is awesome because they have their site organized by characters and I've found that as my children get older that all of our toys are character-driven -- Thomas, Angelina, etc. But Ty's not only has the requisite Princesses, they also have Caillou, Charlie and Lola, and even Daniel Cook, who I think is a real cutie.

In case you haven't done all your shopping yet, Ty's is offering some really great deals right now. They are offering free shipping on any domestic order over $65 (and $10 shipping credit toward international orders over $65). And also, through the end of the day on December 3rd, if you use the coupon code HOLIDAY5 at checkout and get $5 off any $50+ order.

So you how do you get your hot little hands on that giant Miffy pictured up there? All you have to do is go over to Ty's Toy Box and browse around. Come back here and leave me a comment and tell me which toy your child would love to receive the most from Ty's. If you don't have children, or if your children are grown, tell me which toy you would most liked to have received as a child. Leave you comment before 11:59 pm on Wednesday December 5th. On Thursday, I will randomly pick one commenter to receive the giant Miffy doll. Even if you don't have a little girl in your life who would love this Miffy, this giant plush would be a great item to drop off at your local Toys for Tots station. Due to the size of the box to be shipped, only U.S. residents are eligible to win.

So if you want Miffy to come and live at your house, comment away! And good luck!

(Pssst: The best part about this Miffy? She doesn't require any batteries and she doesn't make any noise).


1blueshi1 said...

Gah, that totally reminded of how they can slap a Disney Princess on ANYTHING these days and then my daughter WANTS least it makes Christmas shopping easy, although I can no longer enter ANY STORE with her. I'd buy the 3 pc Disney Princess hoodie set for her from Ty's. If Christmas hadn't already BROKEN me.

Lauren said...

The kids?? what about me??!!! Personally Im considering this one: because I need something to wear to my kids Christmas program, and Im SURE to make a good impression on her teachers wearing that. Im hoping they'll hire me as a teacher in a few years. What do you think?

(*seriously, that is a pretty awesome site. If I loved my children Id buy them the tonka and strawberry shortcake things. All of them)

Karen said...

I love your idea of giving it to a family in need! But I'll let another family get it. Don't include me in the drawing, I just wanted to let you know that I still loved you. :)

Lulu said...

My neice would love the Miffy doll!

Personally, I would love the stuffed Angelina Ballerina dancer!

What a fun giveaway!

ImpostorMom said...

No batteries and no noise, sign me up!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

My daughter is hoping that it will be snowing Dora toys this Christmas. She doesn't care what exactly that entails, she just wants to see lots and lots of Dora.

(Don't include me in the drawing, btw. I'm with Karen that it would be greta to see another family get the super-cool gift!)

KIDZMAMA said...

I read your comments on Baby Burgh's site so I came to check you out!

I've never heard of Miffy. But after checking out the site I can see why the excitement.

We have four kiddos and the baby gets all used toys, poor thing. Yea, right. I really like the "Miffy - Plush - Miffy Medium Pink" for her tiny nine month old hands.

Amanda said...

Hi! I found you via The Tea Party Place!

My 3 1/2 yr old daughter is all about Dora these days. I love Dora because she's got that can-do spirit and always manages to help out others in her adventures.

I can totally see my girl playing in this:

ALL DAY LONG! I bet she'd even sleep in it. Hmmm...just where would I put this though? That's the question!

Colleen said...

ah, but is Miffy lead-free? just joking! :)