Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy Days Ahead

Sorry for the light posting. We had a busy weekend followed by what promises to be a very busy week.

Last night I attended the mandatory pre-k meeting at Punkin's new school. This is the same pre-K that Bubba attended two years ago and last night's meeting, though boring because I'd heard it all before, went much smoother and nobody shushed me. So that's an improvement right there, right?

Tonight we go back to meet Punkin's teacher, see her classroom and the all-important finding of the cubby! Everybody pleasepleaseplease hold your breath/cross your fingers/say a prayer or whatever it is you do for good luck that Punkin gets the same teacher Bubba had. She is awesome and I think she would be a great fit for Punkin and her "issues." Of course I requested her, but was quickly informed that they don't take requests. Of course they don't. Because everyone wants Ms. Anita. So on three, let's everybody hold our breath, mkay?

Punkin actually starts pre-k tomorrow, which promises to be an interesting day. It will be interesting (and I use that word very loosely) to see how the transition to a new classroom and teacher will affect Punkin and the delicate balance we have constructed with her behavior. Again with the breath holding, if you please.

Tomorrow night we go to Bubba's school to meet his teacher. Actually, let me rephrase that -- tomorrow AFTERNOON, from 3-5 specifically, we go to meet Bubba's teacher. From 3 to 5. During the work day. Fortunately for me I have a very understanding boss and I can easily take off to take Bubba to the school, but what about the parents who can't? Their kids are just shit out of luck, I guess. I don't get our school system at all. Why not at least have had it from 4-6 so that working parents would at least have a shot at getting there? Perhaps I shall offer my two cents.

And then on Thursday, Bubba starts school. So, you see, BUSY.

UPDATED TO ADD: Everybody can breathe now. WE GOT THE TEACHER WE WANTED!! YAYYY!! Yipee!! Wahoo! What a relief.


Katie in MA said...


Okay, that was my lame attempt at commenting whilst holding my breath. :)

Maybe if Punkin knows she's getting to attend a BIG GIRL school, she will rise to the occasion. Sometimes I use that trick with Bee...if I expect more, she surprises me.

Good luck with Bubba and his orientation. That is crazy that they would expect everyone to drop what they're doing. Maybe they offer an alternative to parents who call and say they can't make it but don't want to advertise it?

calicobebop said...

Wow! Starting school so soon? CRAZY!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for Punkin! I hope you guys get the teacher you want!