Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Breakfast of Champions

The eating issues continue apace in our house. By eating issues I mean that Bubba eats very little and Punkin eats everything. Of course I have discovered a few things that Bubba actually enjoys, but the list is quite small. Hamburger quiche (which I have to call Hamburger Pie or he gets confused), Chicken sandwiches, and tacos. That's about it.

The really frustrating thing is that there's another dish I make called Easy Cheesy Pie, which is basically just lots of cheese, noodles, and tomato sauce. It's just like the quiche minus the crust and add noodles. But Bubba won't touch it. Well, to clarify, he will eat it because he knows by now that if he doesn't eat what I put on his plate, then he doesn't eat. I refuse to be a short order cook because it's hard enough making one meal, much less two or three. But when he puts things in his mouth that he doesn't like, it's almost like you can see the food levitating in his mouth even though his mouth is closed. He holds his mouth in such a way that you can just tell that he's trying to keep as little of the food as possible from actually touching any taste buds. It's quite insulting, but I've grown quite a thick skin. I've had to. Once, when I served something he liked, he cheerfully piped up "Mommy, this is really good! It's almost like you didn't make it!" Yeah.

Now Punkin on the other hand is an eater. The child will eat most anything -- though I've discovered in the last few days that she won't even try a smoothie. I made the most delicious banana strawberry smoothie before dinner last night and she absolutely refused to let even the tiniest drop pass her lips. I swear, I felt like pinning her down and forcing her lips open because I know if she'll just try it, she'll love it! Strong will, she haz it.

Smoothies aside though, she'll eat anything. And once, in a fit of frustration with Bubba's pickiness, Mr. Daddy said "Bubba, Punkin's a better eater than you." He quickly came to regret that statement because it did nothing to inflame Bubba's sense of competition, but it did give Punkin a bit of a superiority complex. Now, whenever her plate is cleaner than Bubba's she'll point out to him how much she has eaten and declare herself the winner, which now DOES ignite Bubba's competitiveness. At which time we now have to remind them that it's not a competition.

This morning, as Punkin cleaned her plate she crowed "Look how much I ate, Bubba!"

"It's not a competition!" he growled. "It's breakfast! EVERYBODY wins at breakfast!"

If bacon's involved, I'd say Bubba was right.


Amy Munnell said...

Most definitely! I love breakfast even when it's dinner.

Wineplz said...

I got the "only Daddy makes good food" the other week from Gavin. Because I am vindictive, I made him finish every last fleck on his plate and told him we were out of dessert.

Cooper, on the other hand, ate more than I did. We're still shocked by how much that child can eat.

calicobebop said...

So cute - everybody wins at breakfast! And so true (especially with bacon!)

Muffin will eat just about anything, but she's pretty picky with her veggies. She likes corn (which is technically a grain) salad, lima beans and peas & carrots - but only if they are mixed. Not individually.

Crazy kids!

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Oooh, this touches a nerve with the goings-on at Casa de Katie. Gracie is SUPER competative right now... which is *sort* of okay, as long as 1) it isn't food related and 2) she's a good loser. She has been utter fail lately with the good loser part of the bargain. Whenever she's losing, she'll whine and yell, "It's not a RACE, Bee!" But all's fair if she's winning. I hate to get involved, because - really? Do I want to waste the energy with one more battle? Ugh. I so hate this part of being a mom! And so many times I hear my mom's weariness echo in my own sighs!