Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Big Questions

In this time of important decisions, I want to know how you feel about the really important issues. I've lined up a few things below and I'd love to which side you fall on.

Van Halen or Van Hagar? And if you don't know what I'm talking about, I don't even want to know.

Steve or Joe? Ditto above.

Han or Luke?

Bon Jovi or Metallica?

Jen or Angelina?

Angel or Spike?

Are there any other big either/or's out there that I'm forgetting?

Updated to add: Ooh, ooh, can't believe I didn't think of this one: Roger Moore or Sean Connery? Or Pierce Brosnan? or Daniel Craig?

Completely unrelated and totally random -- I posit the following: retrieving an item from behind the washer/dryer is one of the most difficult tasks known to man.


AndreAnna said...

Neither Angel nor Spike - BOOTH!

Did you see last night? The two hot men in one show together was enough to send me over the edge.

Triscuits or Wheat Thins? said...

Van Halen, Steve, Han, TORN Jen was wronged but Angie's obviously his real love, Angel but always felt sorry for Spike.

for a different kind of girl said...


I know I should say Van Halen, but I have cds from both Van Halen and Van Hagar, so that's a draw

So in love with Steve....mmmm..STeve...


Bon Jovi



1blueshi1 said...

Finally, some decisions I can actually make!
Van Halen (heard Jump Weds. night in the car with my kids and reflected that I was Zac's age when it was a big hit)
Steve or Joe...I'm afraid I don't know who they are! But it isn't even six and I haven't had coffee yet, or I could just be terminally dumb.
Bon Jovi or Metallica. Actually, I was all about the 80's alt groups like the Cure.
Jen or Angelina? I swoon over Angelina's big puffy pillow lips. But I also yearn for Jen's smooth shiny hair. I also always have a soft spot for the "bad girl", so Angelina it is.
Angel or Spike? I'm ashamed to admit this all out loud on the internet....but I never watched Buffy. Didn't David Boreanaz play Angel? 'Cause he is smokin'. I do have a weakness for boys named Spike, though. I named my little Pomeranian Spike.
and now the ultimate choice--go lay back down for fifteen minutes, OR BLOG???? hehehehe

el-e-e said...



Was Luke growing up, but now OBVS Han

Bon Jovi


(didn't watch Angel/Buffy -in fact I hope that's who you're talking about *slinks away*)

oh, and Wheat Thins!

Great questions!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hagar because I love a CD of his with Living on the Coastline.
Bon Jovi because he is just a cool guy.
Jen because she is sexy but still the girl next door.
And all bonds were hot, hot, hot. But to be current, I would pick Pierce because he is still hot.

Can't answer about Luke & Hans or Buffy stuff. Gasp.

Laurel said...

1. Halen

2. I feel stupid. What are you talking about?

3. Han, Han, Han True Love

4. Jen--totally and completely

5. I'm no Buffy watcher. Can we still be friends?

6. I'm diggin' Daniel Craig.

7. Completely agree about the washer/dryer thing. Would add that retrieving something from under the fridge is also a pain in the neck.

Katie in MA said...

Neither, Steve (possibly answering a question I just made up for this one!), Han, do I have to choose?, JEN (Angelina just bugs), sadly - not a Buffy fan. Please don't break up with me, and Daniel Craig. Sean is so not shexy.

Re: your washer comment, if you ever get something stuck between or next to them, it's always fun to hand the kids a broom and then it's win-win. They might get the item out, but either way they spend a lot of time trying. Free time for mama. Unless they poke out an eye.

ImpostorMom said...

1. eh
2. steve, always steve
3.Mmmmmm....Han (and Indy too for that matter)
4. Bon Jovi
5. Jen, Angie seems like a good person and all but I just find her kinda irritating
6. neither, never really watched buffy, the only Joss Wheadon show I watched was Firefly
7. um, that's a tough one. Young Sean Connery I suppose, can't resist that Scottish accent, although Daniel Craig is a close second.

Tranny Head said...

1. Van Halen
2. Confused by this one. *hangs head in shame*
3. Han ALL the way
4. Metallica. DEFINITELY Metallica.
5. ANGELINA. She's so hawt - I'd totally bat for the other team for her.
6. Spike
7. This one? Way hard. I have a major crush on Pierce ... but I LOVE the Roger Moore movies (mostly because Jaws is in them)

calicobebop said...

Han, Angel, Jen and Sean. Though I liked Pierce and am falling for Daniel. :)

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Van Halen
Angelina (I think she's a much better actress...I don't care a fig about what happens in their personal lives)
Angel or Spike? uhhhh...
Sean Connery!

drawer queen said...

Spike. Over 10 erotic dreams can't be wrong.

Jonny's Mommy said...

Van Halen. Steve (BIG TIME). Hans!

Bon Jovi (he's cuter)

Jen (She seems nicer)

Angel...nice and bad at the same time...

Sean Connery and Daniel Craig...

There you go...that's my opinion.

Colleen said...

Van Hagar (don't throw rocks at me, please!)

hmmm....probably Steve, but Joe seems like he has a lot of bad-boy potential and that's kinda hot in a warped house-wife kinda way.

Used to like Luke as a girl, but if I'm Leia, then ewwww cuz they're siblings...must have Han


Jen...I like that she actually tries to keep her private life private. And she seems incredibly sweet.

I'm with Andreanna...neither, but please pass the Booth! *pant*pant*

Pierce Brosnan

I tried used a mangled wire hanger and have been successful 50% of the time.