Monday, April 21, 2008

The Return of the Potty Mouth

A while back I wrote this post about Bubba's fascination with the word "poop" and "butt" and his ability to string the words together in catchy little songs. We successfully broke him of his habit by appealing to his greedy nature by taking money from his money jar every time he said those words and consequently those words mostly disappeared from his vocabulary.

But now they're back. But it's not Bubba this time. It's Punkin. If you do something she doesn't like, you're immediately labeled a "poopy head." She's not mad when she says it. She thinks it's the funniest thing in the world. And we've tried everything short of corporal punishment -- the "look," scolding, and ignoring, a favorite tactic of mine because sometimes when you react you're just feeding into their grand scheme anyway. Just ignore it and they'll stop. Well, not this time. If she says it and I give her the "look" she'll immediately look contrite and say "Sorry, mommy" or she'll say "You loopy led" which, I must say, is a brilliant way of saying poopy head without actually saying it.

And I was about to say I don't know where she got such a potty mouth, but then I remembered the favorite joke of the moment at our house, which was introduced by Mr. Daddy. Someone in our family will walk up to another family member and say "Hey, look under there."

"Under where?"

"Ha ha, you said underwear!"

This joke is guaranteed to get you a laugh, usually a fall down on the floor, side-splitting, fit-of-giggles-inducing laugh. From the under-5 set anyway.

And Punkin is always listening. The first time she got me with the "under where" joke I couldn't believe it. And she even told it properly. At the time I thought, "Wow, for a two year old she has a pretty sophisiticated sense of humor."

But then the next day she came up to me and said "Mommy, look up there."

"Up where?"

"Ha ha, you said upwhere?" Occasionally she'll switch it up with "Look down there" or "look over there." And while these jokes miss the mark, she thinks they're just as funny. And I have to say, they make me laugh more than the original.

So, if potty humor is the order of the day in our house, I guess it's all our fault.


Lauren said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! Punkin is adorable!!!

That post made me laugh...

Im the worst about encouraging potty mouth bc for some reason I never outgrew the need to laugh at immature humor (i was cracking up about underwear and poopy head-see?)...its sad i know...drives Hubby crazy-

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

You Loopy Led!

This weekend I realized I'm responsible for at least one of the smart mouth things Alexis thinks she needs to say. I am forever telling the dogs to, "Go away." My punishment is to have my two-year old tell me to go away all.the.time. Oops.

Karen said...

If only they'd listen as closely when we tell them to share.

Susan at One-Woman Show said...

Ah, the "poopy head" stage! Those were the good ol' days...before we got to talk about weiners, boobies, farting and such. It can only go up from here!

(Up where?)

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Hmm. I dunno. Hubby had mine saying Dammit! during football season. We managed to get him to stop, but eek. Good luck!

Laurel said...

You said, "upwhere!" She's too much!

And just for the record, it's appalling when some of the things I say come out of the mouth of my children. I think, did I really say that? They're like little walking recorders aren't they?

Although I bet you haven't said "poopy head" for at least 25 years. She's on her own there.

Colleen said...

heh heh! that is hilarious!

With the new pre-K classroom Gavin's been in for the past 2 months, he's picked up phrases like that. It probably doesn't help that anytime I walk past his room with a naked Cooper, I flash him and yell "Baby Butt!" Or if he's downstairs I'll flash a little Cooper flesh and yell "Baby Butt!" over the balcony. Still waiting for that Mother of the Year award...

ImpostorMom said...

I love the fall down laughing fits over seemingly nothing. It's infectious.