Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mid Week Rant

Can I rant for just a moment here? Just for a moment, I promise. Will you please indulge me?

Do you know what I am sick.and.tired.of? Do you?

Red mud. Red freaking mud! Every-freaking-where!

Do you know what I have by my back door? Do you?

A pile of shoes. A pile. Literally.

It is physically impossible to step outside our house without stepping in red mud. Even though we have spread gravel in our driveway. Even though we have hay down in a lot of places to cover our newly planted grass seed. If there is one tiny speck of red mud between the car and the door, one of us, and sometimes all of us, will manage to step in it. And since we have WHITE CARPET in the ENTIRE house, everyone is required to leave their shoes by the back door.

Do you KNOW how stressful it is to maintain WHITE CARPET?? With a two year old and four year old, who even though you say "TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!" run right on past you heading straight for the white carpet.

Do you know what is forecast for tomorrow? Do you? Rain.


Thank you for indulging me. Yes, you can now be dismissed. Please avert your eyes from the lady in the corner having a nervous breakdown.


Anonymous said...

I knew a girl in elementary school who only wore clogs. Turns out her mother had white carpet. I guess if you only buy your children slip-on shoes it makes it easier?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Well, you just moved or I would tell you that there's only one solution: move somewhere that doesn't have red mud. But I'm guessing you aren't up for that!

(BTW, the prom picture of you? ROCKS!_

Amanda said...

You need one of those invisible fences they have for dogs. After a couple of good zaps, no one will forget their shoes again!

*hee hee*

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Laurel said...

I feel your pain. I have had (okay still sorta have) carpet that is too light. Nightmare. And mud. Ugh. When we first moved here we had no landscaping front or back, and we had a monsoon season that broke records. We called the backyard Lake Wicke. I was so over it.

My sympathy (all of it) is coming your way. Stupid rain!

ImpostorMom said...

Yeah our carpet downstairs is a little too light as well. With dogs that only seem to want to have accidents on the carpet (as opposed to the hardwoods or tile covering the rest of the house) we've realized that was probably not the best decision. I do however know of a fabulous carpet cleaner.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I feel your pain. Although we do not have red mud we do have white carpet. At least your excuse is that it came with the house. We bought ours all on our own. Because we're idiots.

Lulu said...

Oh, red mud. Almost as bad as kudzu but a bit more messy.

See that hardwood there in your picture? I would advise that you cover your entire house in it. Maybe even the walls...

Fannie Mae said...

How long do you have to eat rice and beans to save the $$$ to REPLACE the white carpet? Might be worth it, just sayin'!

1blueshi1 said...

that oozing you see? it's my sympathy. for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to buy a CREAM COLORED CHENILLE suite of living room furniture. I think the color could be best be described now as "various and assorted splats and splodges" with a soupcon of rorshach blot. please do not attempt to interpret. thank you!

Colleen said...

we have red mud, too. And my kid doesn't listen, either. And while I could care less about the pile of shoes, my husband's head is about to explode from seeing more than one pair of shoes near the door...but I don't want to put damp muddy shoes all on top of each other in the closet.
(and OMG, my little "word verification" is joke)