Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Punkin Speak

Don't have a lot of time to blog tonight. Watched American Idol -- my guilty pleasure -- and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I pre-cooked part of tomorrow night's dinner so that we're not eating at midnight. I tell you, I still don't have this new routine down. I just feel so rushed all the time. It's not a pleasant feeling and I'm sure I haven't been particularly pleasant to be around.

Anyhoo, recently Punkin has come out with a few "gems" that have made me laugh and I thought I would share those with you.

Every night on the way home from work, Punkin asks me what we're having for dinner -- which is the living proof of the mother-curse ("I hope you have one just like you!"). Tonight when she asked me I told her we were having breakfast. Sausage. Eggs. Pancakes.

"Yahoo!" she yelled.

"Does that make you happy?" I laughed.

"It makes me hungry!" she replied. Me too, Punkin. Me too.

I think I've mentioned before that Punkin loves to eat. And she'll eat just about anything. Generally we all eat together as a family, but occasionally on the weekends I'll actually wait until they go to bed to eat just so that I can eat in peace. Sunday night was one of those nights, and though the kids weren't in bed, they were in another room watching a movie. Mr. Daddy and I made nachos and we had some really delicious guacamole. Punkin loves guacamole. Weird, right? She came in and saw me eating and immediately started vulturing my plate.

"No, Punkin. You already had your dinner. This is mine." It sounds cruel, I know, but I was mostly concerned about the fact that if I gave her some, it would end up on the white carpet.

"Pleeeeease, mommy. I want some broccolamoley." And that is how guacamole shall forever more be known in our house -- broccolamoley.

Another new phrase -- and we have no idea where this one came from -- is "Please, give me just one more chance." Give me just one more chance?! Wha? She says it in the sweetest, most pleading voice that she makes it almost impossible to refuse. And she uses is indiscriminately.

"Mommy, can we read one more book."

"No, Punkin, we already read two. It's time to go night night."

"Pleeeease, mommy. Give me just one more chance."


It's no wonder she's spoiled rotten.

And so, for tonight, I leave you with an image of her royal heinie-ness, after a long, hard, day.


AndreAnna said...

That is a great pic!

And when Charlotte doesn't know a word for something when we ask her what it is, she says "mah-num-a-num." Weird, but she always has. So now, when we can't think of a word for something, we say it too. And I will now be saying brocamoli.

Anonymous said...

I love brocolamoley! What a great word. And, how can you not give her another chance??

Tootsie Farklepants said...

She's so fancy in her dress. You hae to give her another chance.

And the "no! this is mine"? I totally do that too.

Karen said...

We're champs at "this is my food." We've got to be. If we allowed each a taste we would have nothing left.

And the broccolamoley is classic. I'm loving it!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I have been known to hide when I'm eating something I don't want to share with the Toddler. Darn kid caught me eating olives last night and stole the whole freakin' can from me. Sharing is so over rated.

Great photo!

Queen Goob said...

Love it! And even though my kids are teenagers we still call the remote the "mokemretroll"

ImpostorMom said...

Cute pic!

Mmmmm breakfast for dinner. yummy, makes me hungry too!

Laurel said...

Such a great picture! She had just worn herself out princessing it appears. As for having some food for yourself. I'm known to do that, too. I mean, c'mon. Every time I eat or drink anything it's "Can I have some of your _____." Every. Time. Is it so bad to just have one little shred of "mine"? Maybe I'm still learning to share.

Laurel said...

P.S. I'm afraid I've scared Suwanee, GA away forever. Alas.

Fannie Mae said...

Cute picture!

Lulu said...

Oh, bless her heart! She's the cutest thing ever!

Colleen said...

cute pic! love how they just crash where they're at at that age.

I hid in the pantry the other day so that I could eat a handful of M&Ms without notice.