Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

In honor of the beginning of the post season and the Red Sox going to the American League division playoffs, tonight's Thursday 13 is 13 things about the Red Sox, their players and my family's membership in the Red Sox Nation. I hope I'm not jinxing them. I'm not QUITE as superstitious as Nomar Garciaparra -- well, at least I don't have a pre-blog ritual like his pre-batting ritual! (My apologies to those of you who either don't care for or don't follow baseball!)

1. This is hanging in my hall right now. It hangs there year-round. I was worried a little at first that it might seem a little sacreligious, but surely God is a Sox fan. Right?

2. Mr. Daddy painted (free-hand, I might add) on Bubba's wall in our old house and his wall was Green Monster green. That's the only thing I miss about our old house.

3. The Red Sox vs. Yankees rivalry. There's nothing like a good
old fashion grudge match. Down with the Evil Empire!

4. This is what we do to traitors of the Red Sox Nation. Johnny, we hardly knew ye.

5. It's hard to see players come and go. But it looks like the new crop is doing pretty well. A no hitter. Huh. Have any of the Yankees gotten a no-hitter this year? Huh? I don't think so.

6. Do you know what that is? That is Dave Roberts stealing 2nd base in the ninth inning of game 4 of the American League Championship series. That steal kept the Red Sox alive. They went on to win that game, plus three more which sent them to the World Series.

7. Cowboy Up. Started by Kevin Millar (one of my faves that I miss). This was the rallying cry of the Sox on their way to the World Series.

8. Jason Varitek. What a cutie! And he's a local boy, sort of. Graduate from Georgia Tech, which we'll let slide. He's the Captain of the team and an all-around good guy.

9. The Bloody Sock. Some people claim this was staged. I loved Curt's response to the doubters -- "It was blood. You can choose to believe whatever you need to, but facts are facts. The 25 guys that were in that locker room, the coaches, they all know it. In the end nothing else really matters. The people that need to believe otherwise are people with their own insecurities and issues. Someone gave me a great idea to end this once and for all. No one will ever need to bring it up again. I’ll wager 1 million dollars to the charity of (anyone’s) choice, versus the same amount to ALS. If the blood on the sock is fake, I’ll donate a million dollars to that person's charity, if not they donate that amount to ALS."

10. The Idiots. You gotta love a team that don't take themselves seriously.

11. Matt Damon's a fan. So, even if you're not into baseball you can still watch in hopes of catching a glimpse of this cutie in the stands!

12. Curse? What curse?

And for the coup de grace....

13. Red Sox win! Red Sox win! Red Sox win!

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Yen said...

Go Red Sox!!! :D Nice TT!
Mines up as well;)

ellen b said...

Well not being a baseball fan in general I can still appreciate the joy of baseball for others....

Jenny McB said...

I crossed myself before reading this. LOL, Go Sox. Nice start to the series tonight.
I went to the link for Johnny Damon who we called Jesus also, don't need that bum this year. I agree about the new guys.

Lauren said...

Don't know much about baseball...except for the Braves, but I do remember the bloody sock incident. And I totally believe him.

Happy TT!

Lulu said...

Okay, the only thing that I understood about this post is #11. And that's all that matters...

Lulu said...

Oh, and Mr. Daddy's painting is awesome, by the way.

Lori said...

Im more of a football fan myself but what a great post:) Happy TT.

Bloggers said...

Great post!!

My 13 is up on
Working at Home mom

Anonymous said...

Oops! The Red Sox are in the American League.

Madame Queen said...

Oops, anonymous, you're right. I was trying to blog while watching the game. Thanks for catching my slip up! Good thing God made erasers, huh?

MacKenzie said...

Ryan is so depressed the Braves didn't make it this year. He's rooting for the Cubs and the Rockies.

Denise Patrick said...

I'm not much of a sports follower. My Mom was a die-hard Dogers fan and the in-laws are die hard Tiger fans, but that's a close as I come.

Happy TT!