Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Begin Radio Silence

You guys may not hear from me for a couple of days. The next 3-4 days are going to be supremely busy. Busier than usual, even, if you can believe that.

Here's what I've got coming up:

Tomorrow night I have a "commitment." I'm being a little vague because I'm going to be blogging about this "commitment" and I want to build suspense and add intrigue. I'm sneaky that way. (Also. I get my excitement where I can find it.)

Thursday is my BIRTHDAY! Yes, this is a shameless plug for birthday wishes. I'm very much a birthday person. I pink puffy heart (with sprinkles!) birthdays. I enjoy all birthday's but most especially my own. I think my mom did this to me. She used to throw awesome birthday parties and make me fabulous cakes. We once went to the zoo for my birthday. We went camping once. She rented a bus and took a whole bunch of us roller skating. She borrowed somebody's giant truck and took us all on a hayride and cookout. Since my birthday is in October, my cakes usually had a Halloween theme. I had several orange jack o' lanterns over the years. A couple of years ago she crafted a spider web with black icing on top of my cake and wrote "Some Girl" in the web in homage to Charlotte. (Have I mentioned how awesome my mom is? She deserves her own post -- which I WILL do soon. I'm missing her terribly right now. She's been gone about a month and a half on a cross country camping trip. I think they're coming back Friday or Saturday.)

In full disclosure, however, I did have a few birthdays that sucked. Once when I was small (I think it was my third birthday) we went to my dad's restaurant to get some ice for my party. I was playing with the hinge on the door when my mom opened it to go outside. Ripped that teensy fingernail right off. When I was about eight or nine I wrote my autobiography and when I recounted this story I qualified it with "She didn't mean to." As though that needed clarifying.

When I was two I woke up vowing to my mother that I was going to be royally pissed (pretty sure I didn't use that word, though) if anyone sang Happy Birthday to me. When everyone commenced with the singing I got down out of my high chair, stomped to my room and slammed the door. Such a drama queen!

For a couple of weeks I've been giving Mr. Daddy ideas of things I'd like for my birthday, but today I realized that I am in desperate need of shoes. I got my brown dress shoes out the closet this morning and remembered that the heel was broken. It wasn't COMPLETELY broken, but I was concerned that it wouldn't last the day. I did not relish the thought of hobbling on one high heel through campus and down to the parking deck should the heel decide to give up the ghost, so I chunked them (they weren't repairable). So, I called Mr. Daddy and asked if I could buy a couple of pairs of shoes for my birthday.

"Well that's not very exciting. There's no surprise."

"I don't need surprise. I need shoes. And it's all our money anyway. Just get me a cake on my birthday and we'll call it square. And maybe a card."

"Okay, whatever."

So today I went and bought these:

I bought another pair, too (Payless was having BOGO), but my camera battery died right after taking the first picture and frankly I didn't feel like charging them up. But they are a cute, round toe high heel. Brown, natch. Sort of suede-y. With a bow.

And LAST (but certainly not least) on my To-Do calendar for this week is the greatest birthday present I will receive (that I know about). My dad and step- mom have offered to come and get the kids on Friday night and let them spend the night. They're also going to pay for me and Mr. Daddy to go out to dinner. To a REAL restaurant. I spent most of today trying to figure out where in the heck I want to go. You can't waste an opportunity like this one -- this will be our first child free night since JUNE. This town has some great restaurants. Some I've tried, some I haven't. There's a part of me that feels like going to one of the nicer ones. You know, dressing up a bit. Putting on some perfume. Maybe a little lipstick. But the reality is that I'm really a simple girl at heart. All I really want is a good steak and a cold beer. And Mr. Daddy to make me laugh while we eat.

So it will probably be Saturday before I can post again. Actually, scratch that. I've already drafted my Haiku for Friday so there will be that. BUT otherwise, I'll be incommunicado. Well, scratch that, too. I'm sure I'll be obsessively checking my comments (as usual!). But other than THAT, nada. I hope you ALL have a lovely week. I plan to.


AndreAnna said...

I went to Payless today too and got NOTHING. SO I was forced to go to Famous Footwear - I could get LOST in there...I am so picky with shoes.. and I think I am in my "I refuse to get older and fuddy duddy" phase because my birthday is right around the corner too, and will only buy super fashionable (but reasonably priced) shoes. But they must be comfortable, even though I like a 2-3 inch heel. I'm such a girl!


ENJOY your childless night out - that is such a great gift. People ask me all the time what I want - and it's just an hour or two... to peruse B&N, get a coffee with my husband, walk on the boardwalk.. nothing fancy..just time.

Hope you have a great one!

Sophie said...

There is so much in this post that I want to comment on. Can't wait to hear what the mysterious plans are. ;-)

I enjoyed the birthday memories. That makes for a fun post. Except the part about your fingernail - ouch!

You are like me -- I prefer gifts I NEEEEEEED over surprises, especially when it comes to shoes. I love those shoes!!! I have some black ones just like it!

Happy birthday to you, Madame Queen!

mir said...

Girasole's!! :) Love the new shoes... and enjoy your exciting few days, lady!

Madame Queen said...

Mir: I thought about Girasoles, but it is literally less than a mile (as the crow flies) from my house and I'm afraid it won't seem like we're "going out."

Esme said...

I went to payless today, too! I ended up not getting anything for myself -- still paying for that darn fridge -- but I did score an adorable pair of teeny tiny sneakers for Five and a pair of less-teeny but just as adorable boots for Four. I can't resist tiny shoes... it's too bad my big kids now have big feet and have to shop in the grownup shoe sections. I miss their tiny feet!

Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!

Lulu said...

Oh, shoes make my heart sing! Happy, happy birthday, MQ! And do you think I could borrow your mom for my birthday? I mean, as long as she leaves me with all of my fingers intact.

I'm very excited about the mystery plan! Perhaps, I, too have a mystery plan...

All Adither said...

Nice footwear! I have some shoes kinda like that. They're Hush Puppies though.

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your time away from the bloggy.

el-e-e said...

It's Thursday -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Laurel said...

Madame, you are starting to freak me out! My birthday is Oct. 16th (hence the interminable silence on my blog.)

Well, Holy Cow and Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you have a great day, and you have totally piqued my interest about your upcoming blog post. The suspense!

Enjoy your birthday dinner. I'm with you on the whole steak thing. Mr. Wicke made me a suprise dinner of steak and crab legs. Hello! And we are going out to eat tomorrow night. More steak if I can manage it.

Have a superb birthday.

Sister of blogger said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope your steak and beer were all they should be and I hope Mr. Man made you smile and laugh out loud throughout :-) I wonder if you are l ike me and are secretly hoping Mr. Man didn't buy that "I'll just get myself something I need you can just get me a card" bit and shows up with a little something. I know, I know but a girl can still hope right?

Hope it was wonderful.

Colleen said...

oh wow! I've been so busy with Cooper that I missed your birthday!

*****Happy Birthday!!!!******

I hope it was fantastic and that you enjoy your kid-free dinner!

Also, love the awesome shoes Mr. Daddy agreed to let you buy for your b-day...maybe we'll see a pic of those other ones you described? they sounded really cute!