Saturday, October 6, 2007

I'm it! Now you're it!

Laurel over at The Tea Party Place tagged me for this meme. I like doing these kinds of memes because they make me think, something I try not to do very often! Too tiring, that thinking stuff. Here we go.

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Working at the same institution where I work today, only in a different department. My job was to convert the course names and numbers from the quarter system to the semester system. I also was part of the course creation and approval process.
2. Moving from our tiny, one-bedroom, newlywed apartment into my mother's house back in my hometown. It was sitting empty and she offered us a chance to live there -- CHEAP! We were so poor that we couldn't turn it down.
3. Joining a social sorority in my hometown, something I never imagined myself doing. But it was so much fun and a great group of women.
4. Working on four months of marriage. Mr. Daddy and I hadn't been together very long when we got married, so we had a lot of adjusting to do.
5. Falling in love with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the tv show. I had been very suspicious of the show (let's face it, the movie was just so-so even if it did have Paul Rubens in it as a vampire). But I watched it a couple of times and got hooked. I'm a sucker for doomed romances.

5 Things on my To-Do List Today:
1. Hang out with Mir.
2. Watch the Bulldogs vs. the Volunteers.
3. Attempt to make guacamole with this giant avocado someone gave me. (Yes, that is a regular sized coffee mug beside it. Sorry for the picture quality but it was made with my cell phone. Mr. Daddy has the camera today.)

4. Fold my laundry that is in the dryer and the clothes basket in the bedroom.
5. Fix the worn out velcro on Punkin's Sunday shoes.

5 Snacks I enjoy:
1. Chips and salsa and guacamole
2. Pita dipped in hummus
3. White cheddar popcorn
4. M&M's
5. Salted peanuts and an ice-cold Coke.

5 Things I would Do if I were a Billionaire:
1. Pay off the house that we own but don't live in. (long story, don't ask!)
2. Buy a new, bigger house.
3. Give a gift to my employer so that we can finally build the new building for which we've been raising money for seven years. I would request a naming opportunity and name it for my mother, who always encouraged reading and education.
4. Quit my job. Figure out what my passion is and volunteer for that cause.
5. Travel

5 of my Bad Habits:
1. Holding things in when I'm mad instead of just talking it out.
2. Procrastination
3. Not washing my face sometimes before going to bed.
4. Letting what other people think influence how I feel.
5. Eating too much junk food.

5 Things I will Never Wear Again:
1. Shoulder pads.
2. Big bangs.
3. Leggings.
4. Parachute pants
5. polyester.

5 Favorite Toys:
1. Computer
2. Cell phone
3. Ummmm.
4. Ummmm.
5. Ummmm. (I'm not really a toy/gadget-y kind of person. In fact, I think I'm one of the last people alive who doesn't own an i-Pod.)

4 People I Tag: (I'm only tagging 4 because these are the only people I feel comfortable tagging!)
1. Esme at Blowtorch in the Middle
2. Stay at Home Mom Going Quickly Insane
3. Lulu at Lulu's Laundry
4. Sophie at A Hole in the Fence

On your mark. Get set. GO!!


AndreAnna said...

What were we as a society thinking with shoulder pads?

1blueshi1 said...

hey girl, my Sunday's better than yours and YOU get to go hang out with MIR? what are you thinking? you couldn't improve her even with a generous sprinkling of bacon salt (sighs and moves to Georgia)!
thanks for the tag, will work on it at some point today (both children scream MOMMY in the background and make silent vows about blogging prevention)

Esme said...

Thank you for the tag!

Ditto on all five of the things you wouldn't wear again. Alas, they're coming back in style... my oldest girls have stolen my old legwarmers (which they found at my mom's house) and are actually psyched to wear them! Shudder...

Laurel said...

You know, as bad as some of the 80's wear was, it's kind of comforting that the teens are wearing some of it. It's like I recognize them again. During the criminal-inspired late 90's on, they just felt so foreign a little spooky! Bring on the legwarmers! ;0)

Great list Madame.

Lulu said...

Yay, avacados! Yay, guacamole! Yay, I've been tagged!

Thank you, and please look for mine on Wednesday!

Colleen said...

I thought I'd give this a try...hope you don't mind that some of your responses are much better worded than mine, so I used them (my vocabulary has gone down the hill incredibly after this second baby...I'm starting to think that the reason breastfed babies are so brilliant is that it's because breastmilk is really made from mommy's BRAIN!). So on that strange note, I will go work on my assignment.