Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Ladies and gentlemen: The Madame Queen is TRYING to post about her fabulous Super Suppers event. HOWEVER, @#$(*@#($*@ Flickr is NOT cooperating. We will return soon with your regularly scheduled programming.

(in the meantime, if someone could tell me maybe what I'm doing wrong -- or if perhaps I'm just an idiot -- I would GREATLY appreciate it.)

UPDATE: Okay, I finally figured out what to do. Please bear with me. I WILL post today, but now I must actually do some real work. Ahem.


AndreAnna said...

They just announced they are closing the super suppers by my house. I never even got to go yet. :( I look forward to your stuff working so I can see!

tammy said...

If you are trying to post pictures of food, by all means keep at it.

What? I have to take my pleasures where I can get them these days. :D

1blueshi1 said...

I remember when all I had was dial up and trying to get pictures to load on my blog...GAAAAAAH.