Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tune in Tokyo

My brain is feeling somewhat less fried tonight, though today was no less busy. Once I turn over the newsletter tomorrow that will be a huge weight off my shoulders, but I probably won't be in back in form until Monday night when I return from our board meeting.

On my way home today I heard one of my favorite songs. I had to blast the radio, with the windows down since it was such a gorgeous day. Since my brain is not quite up to snuff, I thought I would share some of my favorite windows-down, stereo-blasting songs. I'm going to link to clips if possible and if you feel like rocking out, or if perhaps you just want to see what it's like to live inside my head for a few minutes (not nearly as exciting as one might think), then click.

"Right By Your Side" -- the Eurythmics

"Electric Avenue" -- Eddie Grant

"Funky Town" -- Lipps Inc.

"The Tide is High" -- Blondie

"Love is a Stranger" -- Eurythmics

"Close to Me" -- The Cure

"Mars Loves Venus" -- The Brunettes (if you don't know this one, you MUST listen. It's one of my all-time faves!)

"Come On Eileen" -- Dexy's Midnight Runners

That's just a small glimpse. As you can see, most of them date from the 80s. I suppose I'm longing for my glory days. If you can call high school my glory days.

What are some of your crank-it songs?


Queen Mother said...

Money for Nothing (and Chicks for Free)...Dire Straits...turned up so loud you can feel the beat.

for a different kind of girl said...

Any Eurythmics. Oh, how I love them. Some of my others also include Under Pressure by Queen/Bowie and Planet Earth by Duran Duran. However, um, yeah, I listen to my music far too loudly, and it rarely depends on the song, so darn near every song is my 'cranked' tune!

Hope you can find time to take breaths!

AmyM said...

Old Time Rocking Roll - Bob Seeger
How Do You Like Me Know - Toby Keith
Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Cindy Lauper (sp?)

Probably others...I can't remember...probably blew out my brain blasting them.

MacKenzie said...

GET OUT OF HERE. I had no idea you liked The Brunettes! I saw them open for The Shins and they were TOO cute.

My rock out songs:

-anything off Midnite Vultures by Beck
-Take Me Home Tonight by Eddie Money
-Ignition (Remix) by R Kelly
-Don't Stop Believing by Journey

calicobebop said...

lol - the ringtone on my cell phone is "Close To Me" by the Cure.

Most of my rock-out songs are new wave hits from the 80's. I was emo before emo was cool.

Take THAT you little goth buggers!

Leslie said...

Well, I'm a child of the 70s and 80s, so my favorite crank it up tunes are:
Long Time by Boston
One of These Nights by The Eagles
You Should Be Dancing by the Bee Gees (the scene with John Travolta dancing to this is Saturday Night Fever is a classic!)
Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes
Missionary Man by The Eurythmics (appropriate since I married one!)

Live.Love.Eat said...

So funny you asked. I was just thinking last night what a dork I am because when I am in the kitchen I don't need something necessarily upbeat. I thought this as I put on my I-pod and Midnight Train to Ga comes on by Gladys Knight. I LOVE listening to that song while I cook. Picture a spatula in my hand doing some kind of doo wop motion across my kitchen floor. Like I said, DORK. And Ain't Nobody by Chaka Khan.

Anonymous said...

I love your cranked up song choices! I'm with you on the 80's.

Also, if I randomly hear most Barenaked Ladies songs on the radio I have to turn them up for old times sake.

Esme said...

I love your playlist! :)

I have to crank anything by Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen. What can I say, I grew up in Jersey.

Also, The Police, and Duran Duran. Oh, and Crowded House. What can I say, I grew up in Jersey in the '80s!

Katie in MA said...

So many good songs! Okay, my brain was fried yesterday and I couldn't think of a single song. I may or may not have gone home and gone through some playlists. (Yes, I do homework for blogs. My geekiness cannot be escaped.) Of course, then I had too many songs, so I'll just list 10:
1. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz (my current fave)
2. What It Takes - Aerosmith
3. Brown-Eyed Girl - Van Morrison (my theme song!)
4. Who's Your Daddy - Toby Keith
5. Money for Nothing - Dire Straits
6. Dirty Water - Standells (I'm from Boston, this HAS to be on the list!)
7. Float On - Modest Mouse
8. The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
9. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
...and, my ultimate Crank It UP! song...
10. Free Fallin' - Tom Petty. My fave song ever.

What a fun post! :)Except now I want to blow off work and go drive around with my windows down!

ImpostorMom said...

ah I love Come on Eileen. That is my husband's ringtone on my phone. I'd have to say the Violent Femmes are definitely crank worthy for me. Takes me back :)

ekbetsy said...

Was the Sixteen Candles boob-grabbing reference in the title intentional? I'm sure it was, since you're so cool like that. Once, a friend of mine blasted "Knock Three Times" on Main Street. This lady pulled up next to us and was laughing her head off.