Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Sew, But I Can Hot Glue Like Crazy!

Posting is a bit light tonight because I'm working on Halloween costumes. In honor of that, I'm going to post some from years past, some mine and some my children's. Although in recent years we have reverted to store bought costumes, I have made costumes in the past and I think I am excellent at coming up with solutions or ways to make costumes better.

For instance, last year Bubba wanted ninja boots to go with his costume. Well, I don't think they sell ninja boots at Target, so I bought a pair of black socks a couple of sizes too big, put them on over his sneakers and voila! Ninja boots.

Tomorrow Bubba has to dress as his favorite book character for school. He's dressing as an archaeologist from his favorite Goosebumps book. At dinner the other night when we were talking about his costume, he said "Mommy, what I have I discovered?"

"I'm sorry, I don't understand the question, Bubba."

"If I'm an archaeologist, what will I take to school that I've discovered?"

Ahhhh. Good question. I racked and racked my brains trying to come up with something. And finally I thought of Bubba's King Tut doll. Behold my solution:

Bubba has discovered King Tut's mummy!

Here are some photos of me and Mr. Daddy at Halloween. Years ago. When we were cool. When we had a life.

And a couple of Bubba. I've posted the Elvis ones before, but I'm gonna do it again,

And his train costume from the following year:

And one final question, after telling me for weeks that she wants to be Cinderella, upon finding out that another little girl at school is going to be Cinderella, Punkin has now decided she wants to be Belle. Mr. Daddy suggested that she be Cinderbella, but that didn't go over very well. Should I make her be Cinderella? Or should I go out and try to find a Belle costume? And how much of a sucker would I be if I did?


for a different kind of girl said...

King Tut dolls?! Who knew?! That's a great find! Those are also some great costumes. As for the Cinderella versus Belle throwdown, were it me, at this point, it would be all about Cinderella.

Karen said...

You're blessed in the creativity department. I especially love the nurse and geriatric patient. But Elvis cracks me up!

Krissa said...

I guess I'm going to straddle the fence here and say to get the Belle costume if you run across it and it's not obscenely priced. But only as a surprise, since you probably won't find one. She'll understand when you tell her it's too late to find it... won't she?
I love the Elvis costume!

Lauren said...

I am a massive hot gluer myself..that and the fabric glue have helped me out of many sticky situations (haha.ok that was bad). Yesterday in fact little C had to dress up as a SCARECROW (which was dreadful for The One Who Is Emotionally Tied To What She Wears)....but thats another whole story...anyway, the point is that thanks to hot glue and fabric glue, I was able to make a decent looking scarecrow outfit.

I LOVE the Elivis glad you reposted. I wish I had a Belle costume I could loan you...would Tinkerbelle work??

Debbie said...

Hubby and I used to dress up too. I had almost forgotten about that. Good luck with the Cinderella vs. Belle decision.

All Adither said...

Hot gluing is an undervalued skill.

Anonymous said...

What great costumes! You're far more creative than me, but I have a gift for finding the perfect costume at the thrift store.

I may have to borrow the old man and the nurse one for next year.

Leslie said...

Hmm. Could you tell Punkin that the Cinderella dress is Belle's blue dress? She might be too smart for that, but sometimes I can talk my kids into alternative costumes that way.

Trannyhead said...

Dude - you make schmucks like me who buy the shiz online look bad.

Leslie has a good idea, though I'm much meaner. I'd be all "tough luck, biotch - if you want candy you gotta wear what you said you were going to wear."

Burgh Baby said...

Normally I'm all about telling kids to suck it, but Alexis REALLY loves playing dress up (and it provides me hours of sanity when she does), so I would be game for buying another costume. But, I am the one who already has three costumes for her kid this year. It's all about the sanity.

You were a HOT nurse!

That Chick Over There said...

The Elvis one made me LOL. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

My, my. You be crafty!

You've been boo'ed!
Check out my blog for details.

Happy Halloween!

Laurel said...

You are insanely creative! I love the nurse and the octegenarian. Hysterical. As for the princess quandry: I'm with Burgh Baby--Usually I'd tell my kid to suck it up, but if she's a dress up kind of gal, buying the second dress will still be worth it. Logan dressed up until just recently, and she had and loved 'em all.

I missed your mystery post yesterday. All I can say is that is weird! There's got to be a reasonable explanation, right? Unless they've both gone a little nuts since you moved.

Katie in MA said...

Yout TOTALLY rock at costumes! I love Bubba's Elvis costume...and I don't even like Elvis! (Don't hate me, please! I was born a Northerner!)

What did you decide for Ms. Punkin? I think I would have gently put my foot down, although it would have broken my heart.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I died laughing at the Elvis pic! LOVE the sideburns!

ImpostorMom said...

I love the nurse and old man costume! One year (back when my husband and I were cool) we went as a priest and a catholic school girl. I know, I know, just terribly but also funny. :P