Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween in Pictures. Just Because

Halloween was a rousing success this year. Everybody was into it. Nobody pitched a fit about their costumes, well, at least not on the day of. Punkin ultimately decided to be Tinkerbell and was quite happy.

The trick-or-treating madhouse that was my mom's street last year never materialized this year. Just good clean fun.

Punkin, as Tinkerbell.

Bubba as King Tut's mummy.

Ready to hit the streets.

But you know what? There's a special place in hell for people who get a kick out of scaring children. Children who are not their own I must add because there is a long and noble history in my family of scaring the bejeesus out of us kids. But can you see this guy below?

THIS guy had his yard decorated to the hilt and it was pretty cool. He had a ghost on a wire running across his yard and it would periodically run back and forth. It was pretty spooky. But as Punkin and I approached him, it started to move and Punkin got a little freaked out. The guy called to somebody in the background and asked him to stop the ghost from moving, which I greatly appreciated. Her bravery restored, Punkin walked the rest of the way to the steps by herself. Right when she reached for the candy, a huge blast of fog burst out of a machine right next to her. You have never seen a child so terrified or one run so quickly. I can't prove that he did it on purpose, but the timing was suspicious and he sure did laugh his ass off.

Fortunately Punkin had forgotten about it by the time we approached the next house. And that guy is super lucky she did because I would have hated to have to kick his ass in front of all those kids.


for a different kind of girl said...

So adorable, even for a fierce looking mummy!

This is the first year that I can remember where there wasn't a house or two with people lying in wait to scare the kids. There was, however, a semi-creepy guy dressed in half a Spiderman costume that had Tool Man and I a bit perplexed, but overall, the allure of the bounty outweighed most anything else for the kids!

AndreAnna said...

That;s such a cute mummy costume. I mean, fearsome and scary!

And my husband's sole goal in life is to scare every neighborhood child. I think he's gonna hang himself from a tree next year. said...

The mummy costume is VERY creepy. And, people who scare kids deserve butt kickings. Mine's now sleeping with a night light all of the sudden...

Debbie said...

Great makeup on King Tut and Tinkerbell is adorable. I even got scared to death by a man in a yard a couple of years ago. Some people really take it too far.

Anonymous said...

Love the King Tut costume. And you're right, people who scare kids should get beaten up by an angry mob of parents.

Now, if they want to scare the older kids, have at it!

Laurel said...

Poor Punkin! That probably would have ended the night for my Griff. He does not enjoy a good scare. Glad to hear she braved it out.

The king tut mummy costume is fantastic! Clever.

Burgh Baby said...

The King Tut costume rocks!

And, um, yeah. I'm one of those people who likes to scare kids. I do save it for the big ones, though, and have no problem dealing with the slobbery mess that is my own kid when someone scares her by doing something crazy like making eye contact.

Katie in MA said...

Wow! You get an A++ for Bubba's special effects make-up! Man, you are so lucky to have a boy!

And what is WITH some people?! Seriously! My neighbors go so overboard that my girls didn't want to leave the house! And they have a THREE-YEAR-OLD! Make sure you make a big deal about how brave she was and how proud you are. (You know, if you want. Ignore my bossiness!)

That Chick Over There said...

There is a REALLY scary house on our route...they play the music from the Halloween movies and have a big, blood-soaked wall up on their front porch. Girl Child didn't want to go over, but Boy Child did and it was fine. They were really nice when they realized he was afraid and they didn't try to scare him.

calicobebop said...

DUDE! That mummy would have scared the pants off of me! Did you do the make-up? Awesome!

Tinkerbell is adorable!! I'll bet she charmed everyone on your route! Glad ya'll had such a great time!