Thursday, May 1, 2008

When I See that $*@#* Murphy, I'm Gonna Kick His A**!

So, I'm taking another comp day on Friday, right? To make up for working 17 hours last Saturday. It was gonna' be wonderful. Warm, sunny day. My mom and I were going to go to lunch, maybe do a little shopping. At the very least, some window shopping.

And then. I get THE CALL.

"MQ, Punkin threw up at school earlier. You don't have to come get her now. She's not running a fever, but she didn't eat much at lunch and she went right to sleep at nap time. I'll call you after nap and let you know how she is."


Two hours later:
"MQ, she's not any better. She hasn't thrown up again, but now she is running a low grade fever. You don't have to pick her up, but I just wanted to let you know she's pretty unhappy."

Well, I had to go get her. Not only because she's miserable, but also because it's obvious she's sick. As a parent I try to be considerate and limit the exposure of my sick kids to the well kids.

So now we're home. All afternoon she's been lying in front of the television, occasionally grabbing her mouth and stating emphatically "I'M NOT THROWING UP!" And she didn't. Until just a few minutes ago.

So, now my shopping trip is likely off, unless a miracle occurs during the night. I'll likely spend tomorrow's lovely day cooped up inside.

But what I really want to know is WHY does this always happen? Almost every time I try to plan something fun, one of my kids gets sick. And I know I'm not the only one. Last week, Niki at Impostor Mom bemoaned the fact that she might have to miss a friend's shower due to a sick child and husband. I never did find out if she got to go to the shower or not.

Wikipedia defines Murphy's Law as "if anything can go wrong, it will." But I think we need to name it Murphy's Mother's Law -- "if Mom has made plans to do something fun, one or more of her children are sure to get sick."

Every now and then I see a list of useless studies that scientists have spent billions on. Surely there's someone out there who could study this phenomenon. Right? (Yes, there is. And don't call me Shirley. Sorry, I couldn't help myself!).


AndreAnna said...

Can we add the "As soon as you pay off a vehicle, it will die" clause?

Karen said...

I hate Murphy. I really do. Hope you get that day to yourself soon.

ImpostorMom said...

I did not get to go to the fancy shower. :( Husband was still sick on Sat morning and therefore couldn't take the boy. Next weekend I'm planning to visit a friend out of town. An entire 24 hours away from home by myself, so what sort of disaster do you think will befall us next week? :|

That sucks about your fun day. I hope Punkin feels better too, we've had our share of stomach things this month and they are no fun AT ALL.

Lauren said...

It's kinda like the fact that it doesn't rain all week...and then the weekend hits, and it POURS!! (seriously. have you noticed how it has rained every weekend?)

So sorry about Punkin'. Hope you survive today. Maybe your mom could bring lunch to you???

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I hope she's feeling better today. Or that at least the barfing is over and you can take her with you to go shopping.

Colleen said...

I'm with ya! And what's with the kids getting the puke-bug? Cooper had it Wednesday, which turned into the poop bug (all this after his fall and diaper-rash-from-hell). I think BBM's kiddo yakked the other night, too. Crazy!

Hope Punkin starts "not throwing up" soon and that you get a little me-time out of it...maybe she'll take an extra-long nap so you can get some reading in?

Fannie Mae said...

I'd add to that "or when daddy's plane leaves Whoville's air space" - gah!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I think you should definitely add a "Murphy's Mother's Law" to Wikipedia.

I'm sorry Punkin is sick. :(

Susan at One-Woman Show said...

MQ, I'm sorry to hear this. I'm a little behind in reading my fav blogs, so I'm hoping she perked up enough for you to go.

I always dread answering the phone when I see daycare's number (or now the school number). It's so tempting to let it go to voice mail, even just to enjoy 5 more minutes before all hell breaks loose.