Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buffy! Buffy! Wherefore Art Thou, Buffy?

Do you know who I really miss? These guys:

I miss them almost like family. This was probably the only show that I have ever been certifiably hooked on. Obsessive about. Like freak-out-because-I'm-not-home-and-forgot-to-set-the-VCR obsessive. On the rare occasion that this happened, I always had someone I could call -- usually my mom -- who would take pity on me and record it for me.

The first minute or so of my 15 minutes of fame came from this show. Sarah Michelle Gellar was taking online questions on E! Online and she answered my question first.

But I guess I'm not truly a hardcore fan. I don't own all the seasons on DVD, though I would love to. I can't call the episodes by their names. though I do know a few. But I can tell you what happened in just about every episode.

And lord did I get invested in those characters. Has there ever been a more heartbreaking moment on television than when Buffy had to kill Angel? Or when Angel killed Jenny Calendar? Or when Oz betrayed and then left Willow? Or when Spike told Buffy how long she had been dead, down to the second.

Or when Buffy told Spike that he was beneath her? Or when Joyce died? Or when Buffy finally told her friends that they had ripped her out of heaven?

See what I mean? I still get all torn up over these story lines.

Mr. Daddy used to say that I had the hots for Buffy. He wished. Don't get me wrong. She was a kick-ass girl and I liked that about her. But really it was the peripheral characters I loved most. The Scoobies. Xander. Willow. Giles. Oh my God when I thought Willow had killed Giles I nearly lost it. Spike. (rowr! I definitely have a thing for British accents) Cordelia. Even poor Anya, who bought the farm in the end.

Yeah, I miss those guys.


1blueshi1 said...

never seen it...sorry...but I know Joss Whedon does attract some obsessive fans! you are not alone.

Manager Mom said...

Oh, damn,I LOVED this show. I cried like a baby when it went off the air. I keep hearing that now that SMG's career is in the toilet, she's open to doing a reunion movie, but now David Boreanaz won't because he's on that Bones show that's doing pretty well.

*sigh* I have high hopes for the new Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy) show, Dollhouse, starring the chick who played Faith. I have to say the two-slayer years were my favorite. I could have lived without Dawn.

Dang, I sound like a dork.

Lulu said...

Hey MQ! Well, I can't say that I ever watched the show, but I certainly know who Angel is. Yowza.

AndreAnna said...

All you have to do is watch Bones and HIMYM! :)

Don't steal my man though; I'm from Jersey. We can throw down.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

I loved it. And, I'm with A. David's great in Bones.

Sass E-mum said...

I loved it all. The drama of Angel going bad - poor Buffy. He was so mean.

I've even got the CD of the musical episode. 'Look at me. I'm dancing crazy!'.

It was the sort of TV that defined the structure of our week.

Becoming Mommy said...

Yeah, I too am among the fans. Have the CD, Seasons 1-4 on DVD, and a autographed script from the last season.

I LOVED that show. And Angel. And Firefly. Joss Whedon is a great writer.

Leslie said...

Me too!!! The only other show that has come close for me was Alias. We need some good new girl power shows on TV. I tried to like the new Bionic Woman, but it was just boring.

caramama said...

This show was fantastic. I didn't discover it until I caught them as re-runs, but hubby and I both quickly became addicted and bought all the seasons (and the CD of the musical also). Joss Wheadon is an incredible creator/writer. I also loved Angel and Firefly... and I'm loved sexy David in Bones.

I have good news: if you are geeky enough to be willing to read comic books (like I do), Joss Wheadon has actually created Season 8 of Buffy as a comic book series. It's actually really really good. It picks up a little while after the season finale, and you get to be with the old gang again. (He's also doing Angel Season 6.) It's better than a book, because you can see all the characters, too. It really is worth it.

Fannie Mae said...

Nope. Not a single episode.

Colleen said...

I never got into this...not sure why...although if it came on the same time as something else going on (like band practice), that might be why.

calicobebop said...

OMG, I loved BUFFY! I had the hugest crush on Oz. Call me crazy, but he was so cool! But you didn't mention the gut-wrencher when Xander walked out on Anya! On their wedding day!

Yeah, I watched the first runs and all the repeats but never bought the dvds either. Still love it though!