Sunday, January 13, 2008

Some History and a Mystery!

On Friday, Bubba had his 5 year well visit. Everything is good. The doctor seemed a little surprised that he hadn't grown very much, but he's still within the 50-75th percentile.

And as our neighbor pointed out (with a slight ding to Mr. Daddy's ego) "Neither of you are big people."

The downside to the doctor's visit was that Bubba got three shots and his finger pricked, which sent him completely over the edge. He was supposed to have 5 shots (including the flu shot), but our pediatrician felt that was too much trauma for one day, so we have to go back in a month for two more shots. Yay! I can't WAIT to tell Bubba about that. He's going to be SO excited.

Friday was a banner day because I had to take Punkin to the doctor too. I had hoped that he could just see them both at the same time and the nurse said he might be able to, but she made Punkin a separate appointment for about an hour and 15 minutes after Bubba's appointment. I just assumed they would tell our pediatrician that Punkin was being seen, too and he would decide if he wanted to see them both at the same time.

But, no. When we walked out after Bubba's appointment Dr. G said "See you later." I was like, "Yeah, in about 30 minutes." I could tell he was shocked. I had just assumed that it didn't suit him to see them both at the same time but it was obvious at that point he didn't even know Punkin needed to be seen. So, I had to go back and sit in the waiting room for another half hour. And if you don't think that was just a barrel full of joy....

Anyhoo, Punkin has croup, a sinus infection AND an ear infection. She must be a little trouper because I had NO idea about the ears. She hadn't complained a single time. Also? She got a flu shot, too.

On Saturday, while Punkin and I relaxed (read: she took a nap and I read Atonement), Mr. Daddy and Bubba went on a little excursion to Scull Shoals.

On the way out there, they noticed several vapor trails in the sky, all grouped together. It looked as though a large rocket had been launched and then they spotted this:

It was a large jet being escorted by 6 fighter jets. There were two other fighter jets almost immediately behind these. Immediate thoughts turned to Air Force One, but G. Dub was in Bahrain this weekend. Does Dick Cheney get this kind of attention? Any ideas, guys? Definitely weird.

But back to the main story. Scull Shoals began as a frontier settlement in 1792 and the first paper mill in Georgia was built there in 1811. Scull Shoals became a bustling little town, but located right on the Oconee River, it was subject to numerous floods. By the early 1900s, most of the residents moved on to more prosperous areas and the little town quietly became a ghost town.

The site of the town became part of the Oconee National Forest in 1959 and there have been recent efforts to reclaim the area, as you can see if you clicked the link above. There are plans for hiking trails and the like. Bubba proclaimed it the "coolest thing I've ever seen." It does look pretty interesting so maybe next time Punkin and I will go too. Here are some photos for your enjoyment:


Lauren said...

Poor Bubba! And Punkin'! And their Mamma who had to handle it all!! Go get yourself a big o' pint of ben and jerry's-sounds like you could use it!!

I've never even heard of scull shoals but it definitely sounds like a worthwhile place to visit.

I'll have to ask my sister that's in the airforce about the mystery..maybe she can shed some light?

AndreAnna said...

Sounds like a rough go at the doctors but looks like you had fun afterwards!

I hate kids getting shots; I remember hating it when she was a tiny infant, but now I realize it's so much worse when they understand it.

Laurel said...

Ugh! Doctor's visits, shots, and baby illnesses--all things I hate. Sorry for you!

Logan had 4 shots in one visit and it was miserable! After the appointment she was in the back of the car still crying and talking to herself and I heard her say, "When I grow up I'm never going to be a doctor! I'm going to be a princess!"

Hope Punkin's on the mend!

Karen said...

Oh, little Punkin! I cannot believe they were able to give her the flu shot while she was ill - my DRs say it's not allowed. I'll so bounce them about that. Poor kids, shots stink.

That little historical place sounds like a great place to explore, truly a boy's heaven.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Yikes! I literally cringed when you said that you will have to return to finish up the shots. I would so much rather to just get the pain and misery out of the way at one time. Blah!

I love the last picture of Bubba. He's so darn cute!

Lauren's Sister said...

Hi!! Sister asked me to comment on the airplane stuff....Looks like what you saw was a tanker (Looks like a KC-10 to me) doing what is called a "fighter drag". Presumably they were headed a longer distance than the fighter's gas would last so a tanker jet goes along and when the fighters need gas they pull up behind him and fuel stuff and good picture!!!

Lulu said...

Hmm...I've never heard of Scull Shoals. And as for Lauren's sister's comment, I'm amazed. That'a awesome that she knows that!!

I do hope that Punkin recovers in time so that you can slip away for out big outing on Saturday night!

ImpostorMom said...

Ugh, we had our one year well visit a couple of weeks ago and Boog had three shots, a finger prick and blood drawn. He was not a happy camper at all. I hear those older visits are even worse.

I hope Punkin feels better soon!

We've had similar experiences with our doc. Overall I've had mostly great experiences but occasionally I find there is some miscommunication on a nurse's part. I love our doc though so it is only a mild hassle.

mumof4 said...

Do they give prizes for shots at your Drs? They do that here and it gives the whole shots thing a silver lining. How are you finding 'Atonement'? I read it a few weeks ago, found it hard at first then loved it. Also saw the film afterwards and enjoyed it a lot

Colleen said...

that looked like a cool trip for Bubba and Mr. Daddy!

and poor Bubba...those shots seem to be harder on the bigger kids. Cooper had 5 shots on Monday, but handled it better than his 4-month shots.
and poor Punkin, too. Man, talk about a tough cookie! I think that girl is destined for Extreme Cheerleading or Field Hockey. ;)
Hope everyone's feeling better!

Colleen said...

oh, and have I ever told you that Bubba reminds me of my nephew?

Colleen said...

er, me again...try that link again: