Sunday, January 6, 2008

Here She Comes to Save the Day!!

Have you ever had a day where your patience is this short? If you haven't, frankly, I don't want to hear about it. Today has been one of those days.

I've talked a little bit about how rarely I get to enjoy our church service. We have a "cry room" but frankly, it makes me want to cry just to contemplate going in there. Punkin used to be pretty well behaved when we went in there -- it was the OTHER kids that drove me nuts. The room is pretty big and it has a very large screen tv with a closed circuit feed of the mass. There are very few actual babies that come to the cry room. Most are toddlers and some preschoolers. It is my opinion -- and maybe I'm wrong -- but I don't think the cry room is where you go to let your kids act like hooligans. To me, it's where they go to learn how to behave in big church, but if they happen to get upset then no one else gets upset because we're all parents. But I swear, some parents there let their kids run around and yell and even if you turn up the tv to top volume you still can't hear the service.

I'm really UP TO HERE with going in there. So, today I thought it would be a good idea to bring Punkin to big church. I brought snacks. I brought a coloring book and crayons. I brought a babydoll -- a quiet one. And everything was great for about 10 minutes until I tried to substitute a red crayon for a blue one. Punkin went ballistic. No amount of shhhhhshing did the trick. So, off to the cry room we went. Where she proceeded to go ballistic again. She flung herself to the floor because I had goldfish instead of Cheerios. So, Punkin and I spent our time sitting outside in the warm sunshine, mass unattended.

And then, when we got home, Mr. Daddy allowed me to take a rare nap without making me feel like I was some kind of degenerate for wanting to sleep during the day. But, guess who refused to sleep? If you guessed Punkin, you'd be right. While I attempted to nap she sat in her bed and sang every song she knows and periodically kicked her wall. I slept a little, but

I hate days like today. I can actually feel how short my fuse is. I know how unreasonable I'm being....but the frustrations get the better of me and I snap at someone before I realize what I've done.

But a little relief is on the way. A month or so ago, Mr. Daddy did a home improvement project for my mom and stepdad and as a thank you, they gave us a gift card to Outback and a "coupon" for free babysitting. So, tonight we're going out. I'm going to have a steak. Without kids. And I might even have a beer. I'm wild, aren't I? But maybe, just maybe, my fuse will be just a little bit longer when I get home. Here's hoping!


AndreAnna said...

Lately, I think I have more of those days than the long-fused kind.

I think it's the age - reason is tossed out the window, and we're supposed to remain calm as our offspring have a colassol meltdown because - gasp - you offered a red instead of blue crayon.

Sometimes, I need a cry room.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

A red crayon AND goldfish? What is wrong with you woman? You should totally know better. ;-)

I hope your night out is heavenly. While I'm not a fan of Outback, Outback on a grown-up date sounds just about perfect.

One more thing totally unrelated to your post . . . would you believe my word verification code is lilsexy? It totally is! Is blogger saying I'm a lil sexy, or you? Both?

1blueshi1 said...

And then blogger had the NERVE to eat your comment--it's just one of those days when the universe has it in for ya. You know Punkin's behavior will get better as she matures (I sure hope Bookey's will).
I hope you and Mr.Daddy have a wonderful, relaxing date at Outback. I LOVE that place--can't remember what I had the last time I was there, but it was FANtastic. I love steak. In fact, I haven't had dinner yet...I wanna come! I promise I won't care WHAT color crayon I get!!!!!!!!! hehehe, have a great time.

Lauren said...

Honey, go and have TWO beers!! Sounds like you deserve it. And I'm SO with you on the cry room thing. It should definitely be used as a teaching room, NOT social hour for the three year olds!

All Adither said...

It's amazing how a few child-free hours can refresh you.

Lulu said...

Okay - first off, how weird is it that we both have similar post titles today! Brilliant minds think alike...

I do hope that you got your much needed break. And I'm with Andreanna, I think that I need a cry room, too!!

el-e-e said...

You just described most of my Sundays. Except our church doesn't even have a cry room. It just has a glassed-in narthex, so you're supposed to stand there with your toddler. Well, let me tell you, all the parents let their kids run WILD and it's not so much, "I'm taking you out because you weren't behaving," it's: COME ON OUTSIDE TO THE FUNHOUSE.

Makes me insane. This is why we skip Mass a lot lately.

...and the nap. That was the SAME nap I had yesterdayO.M.G.

God Bless your parents and that giftcard! Hope you enjoyed it!

Karen said...

I'm so sorry. Those kind of days happen way too often here and I just want to run and scream.

Hopefully you'll get your batteries recharged tonight and enjoy a date with Mr. Daddy.

Esme said...

Go out, go out -- you totally deserve it!

I can relate to that short-fuse feeling completely... hang in there.

And thank you for the comment you left for me when my fuse was short. I appreciate you so much!

Laurel said...

Short fuses must be on sale. I got one too!

As for outback--have you ever tried their steak grillers. Mmm. We don't go there that often here because...well the last time we went their wait time was TWO HOURS! Isn't that ridiculous? There are not enough restaurants in the valley to serve all of the snow birds and the desert dwellers. Life is so hard sometimes.

As for church--it does get better I promise. I remember a while back thinking, why do I even bother because I spent most of my time out in the hall. But now our kids are capable of sitting quietly...well, mostly! Hang in there. (Am I seriously giving another child consideration?!)

Colleen said...

our cry room is like 5 feet by 8 feet...not too much running around in there (but that doesn't stop the kids, or their parents). makes me mad, too. Especially when I see folks go directly in there as opposed to using it as an emergency. At that point, they should just drop the kids off at the Nursery and Children's Church.

well, I hope that steak and beer soothed your nerves! mine were soothed just thinking about it! :)