Saturday, February 2, 2008


Lately my days themselves seem like one big rerun. I get up, shower, try my best to get myself ready and wrangle the boy without waking my husband. Then it's off to daycare and work. The afternoons aren't much more exciting with picking up Boog and getting home to make dinner and complete the nightly routine.

I am well aware that the routines are necessary. Children thrive on routine. At least that is what the books say and who am I to argue. Boog certainly seems to do better with sleep and generally be in a more pleasant mood when we are following our usual routine. For me sometimes though I get bored. I remember the days when 5 o'clock seemed early. There was still so much day left.

Not anymore. When I look at the clock and see 5 o'clock all I see is the mountain of things that must be done before my head can hit the pillow. No more leisurely evenings running errands or window shopping. No more watching my television shows until late into the night. (You know, back when there was TV on to be watched.)

It isn't that I don't love my life and feel lucky to have what I have. I certainly love that child more than life itself. And I love my husband as well even if I don't like him all the time. I just feel like I carry this weight on my shoulders sometimes and it gets heavier and heavier as the week goes on. It makes me feel old before my time. It makes me think of what is coming next and rushing to get there.

Maybe that is my problem. Maybe I need to take some advice from the House of Joy and slow down. Not rush things so much. Not wish for the next stage hoping that things will be easier. Otherwise I may just miss a lot of what is going on now, right in front of me while my little boy is growing up so fast.

Maybe my rerun days and nights are my one opportunity to relish this time when he's so small yet so big at the same time. Soon there will be less cuddles, less laughs and less playtime. There will be less interest in spending time with mommy and daddy and then I will truly miss my rerun days that seemed so boring at the time.

Madame Queen is kind enough to host my post here today as a part of the February Blog Exchange. In honor of Groundhog Day our topic this month is Rerun.

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soccer mom in denial said...

I was close to writing about how repetitive our days are. Glad I didn't because you did a much better job!

Lauren said...

I love it!! You look good in pink!

I totally get the whole boring routine thing...but i will say that it makes you appreciate little things when you DO get 30 minutes to watch uninterrupted TV, or do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when you were writing about routines for kids. I was a substitute teacher for a while when I was in college. I had no problem with the older kids, but in elementary? Wow! Any time I deviated even slightly from the teacher's usual routine I'd have a chorus of seven-year-olds telling me, "Mrs. So-and-So does today's date *before* the weather". Sheesh! Talk about pressure!

caramama said...

I was recently complaining to my hubby about the monotony of my days, especially the mornings and evenings. Now, I like structure, but too much routine drives me crazy. Apparently, I'm destine to be crazy for the next few years. ;-)

Lulu said...

MQ - I was starting wonder why you renamed Punkin, Boog! And then I read the prologue. What a neat swap idea!