Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love From Afar

Guess what Mr. Daddy got for Valentine's Day? The Flu!! I know, right? Worst.Valentine's. Present.Ever. Well, I didn't give it to him, that's for sure. But definitely no smooches for him tonight.

Actually, this isn't the worst valentine's day I've ever had. That distinction belongs to the one from my 9th grade year. That was the year that I met Gerry at the mall. Gerry was gorgeous! He was a model. If I were talking I would use air quotes when I say this because my 36 year old self is not really be sure if he was telling the truth about that. He had some head shots -- I know because he gave me one. But I'm not really sure he was a working model. I mean, he lived in the mountains in North Georgia for pete's sake.

Anyway, he was older than I was and my parents weren't too keen on him, but he lived a couple of hours away so I don't think they worried too much. I wasn't allowed to date at that point, but my mom did allow him to come and visit me at our house. We hung out and watched t.v. I had a huge crush on him and I won't lie that a big part of it was the fact that he was a "model" (everybody do the air quotes!). It didn't take much to impress a small town girl like me.

After his visit we talked on the phone almost daily for a couple of weeks and we made plans for Valentine's Day. The local teen center was having a dance and I invited him. But I had another surprise up my sleeve.

I was going to make him a cake! And not just any cake. A Valentine's Cake! I mean, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? So anyway, on Valentine's Day I slaved in the kitchen all day making a beautiful heart shaped cake. It was white trimmed in red icing and in the middle it read "Be Mine." It was the most beautiful cake I've ever made (not that I've made many, but still!) and somewhere there exists a photo of me, dressed in a red sweater and white pants, admiring my handiwork.

I couldn't wait to show Gerry the cake. He was supposed to arrive at my house at 6:00. But six came and went. No Gerry.

Seven came and went. Still no Gerry. I was in agony.

Finally, around 7:30, the phone rang. Gerry. "I'm so sorry. I've been at a modeling gig all day and they wouldn't let me use a phone. I'm so sorry. I should be finishing up here pretty soon and then I'll come to your house."

8:00. Nothing. 9:00. Nothing. At 9:30 the phone rings again. "Oh, I'm still here. I don't think I'm going to be able to get away after all. I'll call you tomorrow."

And that was the last I heard from Gerry.

My ninth grade heart was broken. How could he do this to me? But most importantly, what was I going to do with this CAKE? What did happen to the cake, you ask? I don't remember. I probably ate it, but I wish I had thrown it against something. It probably would have felt pretty good. And definitely better for my thighs.

As you can see, that was a pretty sucky Valentine's Day. SO, even though tonight was no romantic dream and Mr. Daddy is as sick as I've ever seen him, at least I know he loves me. And he would never stand me up.

Here's my other sweetheart.

Oh! And before I forget, thanks for all your advice. I'm probably going to switch to Wordpress, but probably not until after we move, which will be in mid-March. Moving my family and moving my blog all at the same time is just too much for me to think about right now!

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!


Karen said...

Yes, it's wonderful to know that you're loved, even when he has the flu. Hopefully he's better soon and you guys can celebrate this weekend.

Colleen said...

Look at your adorable little blondie! Love the whispy bangs and the big hat!

I sure hope Mr. Daddy gets better soon so you guys can still have a little Valentine's snuggle. :)

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Your "model" boyfriend was a "model" jerk. Ahem.

Your Valentine is adorable! Love the hat. I hope your other Valentine is feeling better soon.

BTW, I can't tell you about Vermont. It's top secret.

AndreAnna said...

What is going on in the world? We're all sick. Poo.

I'm thinking of switching to wordpress too.

Laurel said...

I call down curses on Gerry...or whoever! He deserves years of curses for that move. What a loser! theory is that we all have to suffer fools so that we can recognize the good ones when they come along.

Hope your hubby is healing quickly. The flu is no fun, especially on valentine's.

Anonymous said...

your 'model' boyfriend...and the break-up poem!

you should blog exclusively about your exes as it entertains me to a great degree

Tootsie Farklepants said...

The "model" was an asshole. Notice how I didn't use quotes around that last word.

Your princess is darling! Sorry about your sick hubby. That is the suck.

ImpostorMom said...

What an ass. Oh and I so doubt that idiot was a model. Oh well, sorry the hubs is sick. Get well soon.

That is one pretty valentine princess!

Lauren said...

Well I bet you were too good for him anyway. Stupid "model".

Love the pictures of Punkin!!

1blueshi1 said...

You're MOVING??? Must catch up on back entries, it seems!
I have a similar Gerry-type story that involves, sadly, banana cream pie....

All Adither said...

Your daughter has amazing cheekbones. And I loved your story. That damn Gerry.


Susan at One-Woman Show said...

I would've responded earlier, but my fingers were tired with doing the air quotes. I'm sure the "model" Gerry grew up to be an adult jerk, too. Sheesh.

But kudos on the cake, it sounded impressive! :)

Anonymous said...

Love Wordpress. Gerry sounds like a real winner. I love those sad old stories where you thought your life was over. Oh, teen angst.