Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner!

And the winner of the 28" tall Miffy from Ty's Toy Box is... (drumroll, please).....Burgh Baby's Mom! Thank you all so much for playing! BBM, your ginormous Miffy should be on its way to you shortly.

And speaking of Burgh Baby's Mom, she tagged me at least a week ago for a meme she created. And it is a good meme, too. It made me do some thinkin'. But, I had so much going on over the weekend, which I still haven't gotten around to telling y'all about, and then I had the Miffy giveaway that I was committed to, and then I had to post about Bubba's birthday.

So. Finally. Here we go! My mission, should I choose to accept it, is to list my favorite childhood gift, my favorite gift I received as an adult and a gift I would like to receive in the future.

This one was the hardest for me. I had a lot of great gifts as a child. My dollhouse, my walkman and my camera all came to mind. And then it hit me. The greatest, most wonderful thing a girl like me could have ever hoped to have. My fur coat. My rabbit fur coat to be exact. It looked just like this:

This is obviously not me in this photo, but man, when I wore that coat I thought I was hot stuff. I don't remember exactly which Christmas I got that coat, but I was probably about 8 years old. I've always had delusions of glamour and champagne taste (on a beer budget these days!). There was nothing more sophisticated and glamorous in my eyes than a fur coat. I wore the thin until it was way too small, along with a pair of black, extremely high heels that my mother found at a yard sale for me. Looking back, I probably looked like a very small prostitute, but I was in heaven wearing that coat.

The year that Bubba was born, Mr. Daddy bought me a Timex watch with a very thin, black band. I wore it every day until the band broke and have been watch-less ever since (hint, hint). He also bought me a very lovely pair of pearl stud earrings that I still wear almost daily. I liked both gifts because they're classy and understated and I don't really have to think about them. They go with everything.

Okay, I'm shooting for the moon here, but what the heck. I would like a for real and true Cashmere sweater. Something like this gorgeous number from Ralph Lauren:

Of course I want this girls figure, too. A girl can dream, right?
I also love this one, also from Mr. Lauren:

One day, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine. When there are no peanut buttery, playdoh'd, M&M'd fingers to wipe all over it. Hey, at least I have something to look forward to!

So now I have to tag three of you. I know it's the supercrazy, busy time of year, so if you don't get to it right away, I understand. Hey, I have no room to talk! So, I'm tagging Sophie at A Hole in the Fence because I like hearing stories about her family, Esme at Blowtorch in the Middle because she has figured out some way to get each of her kids only one gift from Santa (teach me your ways, oh wise one!), and Tootsie Farklepants because she and I are very similar -- both in mid-thirties, both Libras. Also, I'm new to her blog, so I just want to know a little bit more about her. And finally, her childhood Santa didn't wrap gifts either.

Feel free to use the gorgeous "Christmas Past, Present, Future" button that Burgh Baby's Mom created. And then tag three more people.

So that's it. I will eventually get around to you about the awesomely fun thing we did last weekend. But I have a sick toddler. Yay! So fun. As tired as I am, it may be a day or two. But if anybody's going to cut me any slack, I figure it will be you guys.


AndreAnna said...

Oooh, I love the gray one!

I would look like a giant ashen marshmallow, however, but I'm sure you could rock it!

All Adither said...

Those sweaters are fabu. Shooting for the moon would be, like, a Toyota Highlander. Or maybe that's just what I really want.


Karen said...

Wonderful! I love the white sweater. And you know you'll look like that when you wear it, too. That's the beauty of dreaming.

Hope that toddler feels better soon!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I love that the first paragraph of your blog was all about me! I'll have to show my husband that the world does, in fact, revolve around me. Love it!

Thank you for the Miffy! She will be joining several blankets, toys, and articles of clothing and going to a local women's shelter where she can be loved and cherished by any kid, just so long as that kid doesn't live in my house. Miffy's cute, but she can't live here.

I LOVE the white sweater. Love, love, love. Must have it for myself. I wonder how long it will take for it to show up at the Outlets . . .

So sorry that the Toddler is feeling under the weather. It might help to know that if you don't allow your children to put dog bones in their mouths, they won't ever get sick. ;-)

ImpostorMom said...

Tiny prostitute! *snort*

I put a cashmere sweater on my wish list almost every year. So soft.

Laurel said...

super cute sweaters. I, however, would never be able to wear the gray one because my hooters are too big and disproportionate to the rest of my body. Boo, hoo, some may say, but I really hate it.

Hey, by the way, I'm a Libra, too! Go figure.

And if I had had the rabbit fur coat...well, that would have completed my childhood. Dreamy!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Those sweaters are yummy!

And...awwww shucks! and Yippeee!!! My first ever meme! I'm so honored. I promise to do it justice.


Lauren said...

L you would look fabulous in those sweaters...but Im with you about the sticky fingers (and spitup around here).

Also, can i please tell you how awesomely bad that rabbit jacket is? It's totally rad. (or should I say rab?)

Sophie said...

Oh those rabbit fur coats! How I remember them!

That meme actually sounds like fun. Thanks for tagging me!

Lulu said...

The fur coat cracks me up because I had one just like it! Actually, when I was in London last winter, EVERYONE was wearing fur coats very similar to the one in the picture. Surely, it was all fake fur, though.

Beings that I just read this post, I didn't realize that you were completing a meme. If you have time, I've got another one for you. But PLEASE, only if you want to. You know how these memes can get a little out of hand!

Colleen said...

oh...I love the rabbit coat! I always wanted one, too.

Hope Punkin feels better soon! I'm a bit worn out with all the waves of sickness in our house, so I definitely feel your pain.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Miffy is here! You didn't tell me Miffy was going to come with a magical sparkly princess wand. So, Miffy is getting donated to the women's shelter, but the wand is MINE ALL MINE! Woo hoo!

Thanks again!