Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm Going to Look Good from Every Angle

A while back I mentioned that I had begun reading some style blogs. I meant to link to them at the time, but, well, you know, life got in the way. My road to hell is going to be so smooooooth because it will be slick as glass, paved with all my good intentions.

Anyhoo, one of my faves is Looks Good from the Back. Adrien and Marianne are so cute and I love their sense of style. Their near-daily posts are cute, funny and I love their occasional mocking of the different style blog "poses" -- though the new poses that they've created are what really crack me up. The best thing about them, though, is that the things that they wear are what I consider "real people clothes," as in "clothes that don't cost an arm and a leg." I covet their bags and their shoes and their ability to put together things I would never have considered.

See, that's always been my problem. I'm afraid to get adventurous. I don't know if things "go" or not. Or is it too matchy-matchy? Can I really put those two colors together? Does it look like I'm trying too hard?

So, a couple of weeks ago when they put together a style board for Samantha of Campenette for BlogHer, I asked them how much they would charge me to put something together for me. One arm? One leg? A combo of the two?

As it turns out, they were easily bribed and immediately set to work on helping me update my fall wardrobe. See, because of our financial situation, new clothing for me just hasn't been in the old budget. My work wardrobe is in serious need of updating/upgrading.

I sent them a brief explanation of what I was looking for, my body type, weight, sizes, etc. Hey, nothing like sharing your weight on the internet for the whole world to see, right? But to get their advice, I would have done just about whatever they asked me to.

They put all these ingredients in their magic cauldrons (i.e., their brains) and pulled out the most amazing finds. My style boards are up today over at Looks Good From the Back. I'm thrilled with everything they've put together and I can't wait to start rocking some of these outfits. I've already bought a thing or two and I'll post pictures here once I get some stuff going.

Adrien, Marianne -- thank you so much!! You're THE BEST.


Burgh Baby said...

I expect to see a photo of you wearing the first outfit right about, um, NOW. Hop to it!

Lauren said...

How cool!!! I am a total dummy when it comes to picking out clothes and tend to stick to black, white or brown. (when I can't do a tee shirt and jeans that is).

Don't know if you shop at Loft or not, but they have a shirt similar to the ones on your boards on a great sale today. I'll shoot you an email with the link.

el-e-e said...

Wow, those are gorgeous outfits! I might have to start reading that blog. And I might just yank their ideas for you and wear them for ME! Your style preferences and mine seem similar.

You're going to have FUN shopping!

Katie said...

I am buying an airplane ticket and coming to raid your closet. Then we can go out for martinis and tease all the men. LOVE that anthropologie shirt - hope that's one you've bought.

(Annnnd now I have a new website to start stalking. Those ladies are awesome!)

1blueshi1 said...

FYI, I am TOTALLY stealing that road to hell comment!!!

1blueshi1 said...

Clicked on the link to check your style board and as one who has the pleasure of meeting you in person, I can say you would look FAB in those picks!
And just to give you a(nother) time & wallet suck, check out anthropologie.com--I can stare at the necklaces on sale for HOURS. Like a cat watching a fish video.