Wednesday, July 30, 2008


During the summer, Bubba's pre-K turns into a summer camp and this summer they've taken some great field trips. He's been bowling, roller skating, to the zoo, to the Center for Puppetry Arts, the ImagineIt Museum, and last week they went to Stone Mountain. (We'll talk later about me overcoming my fear of letting him travel to Atlanta on a bus).

So, anyway, he came home full of details about what they'd seen and done. Stories trickled out of him in dribs and drabs over the next couple of days. Out of the blue he'd say "At Stone Mountain we saw...." or "At Stone Mountain we did...."

One morning last week we were all riding in the car. All of a sudden Bubba said "We saw the funniest thing at Stone Mountain last week!! There were these two men and one of them drank poison!! Ha ha! And then another one said 'Dagger, come to my chest' and then he said "BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD' (as he pantomimed blood spurting from his chest). It was SO funny! We all laughed and laughed."

*crickets chirping*

What.the.hell??! Mr. Daddy and I looked at each other and actually said WHAT.THE.HELL?!

"That's gotta be Shakespeare," I said, putting my English degree to use. "Somebody drinks poison and somebody stabs themselves. Definitely Shakespeare."

"Well, whatever," Mr. Daddy replied. "I'm asking about that when we get to school."

The truly disturbing part was how funny Bubba thought it was. See, he's got this thing for swords. He probably owns at least five play swords, not including his light saber or his little wooden pocket knife he got the last time we went to Dollywood. Given the chance to pick out a toy at the toy store, he will invariably choose a sword. Although we know it's probably just a phase, Mr. Daddy and I have expressed our concern that he'll be one of those guys who lives in our basement, collecting swords from the Franklin Mint.

When I got to work I consulted with a co-worker who also happens to be an English major and she agreed -- Shakespeare. So, I turned to the almighty Google and Googled Shakespeare and Stone Mountain. And this is what I found:

Their motto is "It's the Bard, y'all. Col. Adair's bent on bringing culture and high larnin' to Crossroads. Laugh 'til you cry as the citizens of Crossroads make "much ado" about...and mincemeat of...your favorite Shakespearean classics."

Well, alrighty then. That's just fine and dandy. But at least warn a mother, you know?


Jonny's Mommy said...

Oh my gosh. This is too funny. It is so weird sometimes with kids and not knowing where they get things.

Glad you figured it out and that show sounds like a lot of fun.

AndreAnna said...

That's hystrical!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm more than a little disturbed. Not by Bubba, but by the fact that somebody would do Shakespeare "Country Fried." That really can't be good.

Stephanie said...

Oooh. There have been times where I was a moron in suspense for a whole weekend because I had to wait until Monday AM to find out about something my little guy talked about on Friday evening re: school. Usually, after a few vodka tonics I was able to get over it and just deal with it come Monday.

MacKenzie said...

This is by far my favorite Oliver story!

Esme said...

"Somebody drinks poison and somebody stabs themselves. Definitely Shakespeare."

This maybe my new favorite quote ever. :)

calicobebop said...

Hilarious! Maybe Bubba will go on to perform Shakespeare with one of his Franklin Mint swords! :)

Colleen said...

that looks hilarious!!!

although Gavin is kinda into laughing at things that don't seem like they should be laughed at...a phase I hope?

ImpostorMom said...

only in the south man, only in the south :P

Anonymous said...

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