Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

Hello all! Thanks for all the words of encouragement. I know that things will straighten themselves out soon. It's just that things have not moved at all like I had anticipated -- but really, when do they ever? I just have to say that after months of drought, WHY does it start to rain when I'm trying to move? Our house? Is surrounded by red mud. Red mud, you ask? Why is it red, you ask? See, that's another crazy thing about the south. Our mud is red. It has so much iron in it that it's like rust. And it's red. And it stains everything. And the carpet in our new house? Is white. Yeah.

But I digress.

If the workmen finish up today, best case scenario is that we will be sleeping in our own beds (surrounded by boxes!) by Wednesday night. Woo hoo!

Although my dad and step mom have been great -- my dad fixes gigantic meals and I will therefore be gigantic myself before we get out of there -- it's hard for 4 adults to live in one house. I'm just ready to be in "my" space again. With my stuff. In my bed.

Okay, enough of my whining. Enjoy your day!


ImpostorMom said...

Ugh the red clay. It does have a way of getting everywhere. Here's hoping those workmen can get the job done.

hang in there

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Yeah, I don't know if I could live with my parents. Someone would end up wounded.

I hope everything dries out for ya!!!

Momma Em said...

"This Too Shall Pass"...and hopefully without leaving nasty stains.

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy. Red mud? We don't have red mud, but we're sure getting this rain. Good luck. Try to keep your sanity. It's all going to work out.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

That does not sound like the most fun you can have. Good luck surviving the next few days!

Jen M. said...

Oooh - moving bites. And having lived in Georgia, I can attest to the red clay!!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

repeat to yourself
"It will all be over soon."
"It will all be over soon."

Karen said...

But think how much this will make you appreciate a bed surrounded by boxes. YOUR bed surrounded by boxes. Because before the parents' basement you'd have been stressing over boxes around the bed.

Esme said...

Oh, Ugh!

Thinking of you and hoping things get better (and drier) quickly!