Monday, March 10, 2008

Almost Rurnt

What is rurnt? Well, that's Southern-ese for ruined. But it has a whole different connotation than just simply ruined. "Rurnt" is past hope. Completely rotten. Spoiled beyond belief.

And Punkin? She's just about rurnt.

Punkin is generally a very sweet girl. She's got an amazing sense of humor for a child her age. She knows what to do to get a laugh. She has a million-watt smile and every now and then she gets this devilish gleam in her eye that lets you know she's up to no good. And she loves her Bubba. Whatever Bubba's doing, Punkin must do it, too.

But the child has a stubborn streak a mile wide. And she's so dern independent that I can hardly stand it. On one hand I love the fact that she's independent, because Bubba would still let you dress him from head to toe while he just stands there slack. But Punkin? Not even when she has both legs in one leg hole of her pull-up. "No! I do it!" Fine. Great. But when I have to wait an eternity while she climbs up into the car -- quite a feat, I must add -- and wait some more while she contorts herself to fit into her seat, well, then it's not quite so great. And she won't let you help her. Not even a little boost up. "NO! I do it! You can't do it!" All day long, that's her refrain.

Punkin is "my spirited child" -- complete with air quotes, which really just means that she's just this side of rurnt.

I've decided that if my current job ever falls through, I can definitely find a job somewhere alligator wrestling. I've completely mastered a modified fireman's carry that keeps all important body parts out of the path of flailing limbs and biting teeth.

The child is practically impossible to punish. She thinks everything's a game. Every night after bath I have to chase her down to get her dried off and her pajamas on. Then I chase her to dry her hair. Then I chase her to brush her teeth. It's always a game.

I've tried asking nicely. "Punkin, come here please."

I've tried the three second warning, "Punkin, you better get in here by the time I count to three!" (which always worked on Bubba, I might add).

I've tried yelling, "Punkin, GET IN HERE NOW!"

Nothing. I always end up picking her up and taking her wherever I need her to be at that moment.

And then she flashes this smile:

And my frustration melts away. Well, most of it. Some of it.

Anyhoo, did you see that awesome shirt she has on? Here's a better look:

That, my friends, is courtesy of my good friend Karen over at The Rocking Pony. You can check out her etsy site here. This shirt is a new design that I requested, 'cause hey, girls want to be rock stars, too, right? She has tons of cute new designs. I've got my eye on several! Go check it out!

Anyway, I keep hoping Punkin's behavior is a phase. You know, part of the terrible twos. Let's hope it doesn't last too long or I won't be able to tell when puberty starts!


AndreAnna said...

Is it possible that we have the same exact daughter?

My only hope is that Sawyer will be like Bubba, because I don't think I can handle two of them. There isn't enough vodka.

Karen said...

That last photo cracked me up! Sorry.

I'm sorry to report that the worst years so far have been from about 10 on. The hormonal rages in anticipation of puberty are sheer torture on kids and parents alike. All that wonderful stuff I said about my daughter today is true, but you've gotta know that she's still a teenager.

AmyM said...

Cool shirt! You should play her Wynnona's "Girls with Guitars". I bet it's on YouTube.

Lulu said...

Oh, yeah. She's totally rurnt.

Cute t-shirt on a cute little Punkin!!

Amanda said...

Based on that description alone, I LOVE your daughter. My London is a little Punkin and little Bubba mixed together. She insists on doing things herself because she's a "big girl now" but will come to me whenever I call her. She doesn't play chase - well, not anymore, I beat it out of her! j/k!

photomommy said...

That sounds exactly like my Emma. I sympathize.

I was so looking at that shirt yesterday for my girls!

We've got great taste!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Yeah, I have that same problem. I've learned I'm best off just ignoring it all because Alexis can't stand to be a disappointment. She eventually gives in and just does whatever I asked her to do half an hour ago. I'm late for everything, but oh well. You have an even bigger problem since Punkin doesn't have that guilt streak. Good luck!

Great shirt!

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Yes. But ohmygosh the dimples!!

ImpostorMom said...

I can totally see why you melt. What a cutie that girl is and you can totally tell that she knows it. ;)

You are so in for it when she's a teenager. At least Boog is still manageable but dress him is like a wrestling match.

anglophilefootballfanatic said...

Oh, dear. A stubborn one? Scary. Love the shirt!

moo said...

Oh, Lord, I hope that we're not heading into that stage, although my son is so independent that it might not be avoided.

WHY is it that kids are always X years, going on 14? Too bad we can't keep them sweet and little forever!

el-e-e said...

i have long wondered how rurnt was spelled. thx for clearing that up for me. i looove "rurnt." :)

Colleen said...

yeah, you're in trouble...those dimples say it all!

Elmer said...

Ha! I have discovered your blog and will be sure to come back. Us Southern Gals need to support each other! -