Monday, July 30, 2007

I'm smuffocating

A couple of things you need to know:

1. When I was a baby, a next door neighbor once came to check on me and my mom because she could hear me crying all the way at her house. The only thing that was wrong with me was that my mom had put me down so that she could cook supper.

2. When I was a child, there were days that my mom would tell me and my brother "Just call me Harry for a day. I don't want to hear 'Momma' at all."

Now I don't recall her ever calling down the "Daughter Curse" upon my head. You know the one I'm talking about -- "I hope you have a daughter just like you." But she must have. Because boy,
is she getting her revenge. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to lose my everlovin' mind. Here's a sample of what life is like when we get home in the afternoon:

"Mommy, up."
"Punkin', I can't pick you up right now."
"Mommy, up. Mommy, help.Mommy, up.Mommy, up." (She likes to mix it up, keep it fresh, throwing the "help" in there)
"Punkin' I can't pick you up right now. I'm trying to get dinner ready."
"Mommy, hot."
"Yes, Punkin' the stove is hot. I can't pick you up right now."
"Mommy, up."
Usually, at this point in the exchange Mr. Daddy will come in and attempt to distract her, at which time she will work herself into such a frenzy that she has been known to throw up.

And keep in mind, too, that at many points during this exchange she will also be joined by Bubba, a conversation with whom goes like this:

"Mommy, do you know what?"
"What, Bubba?"
"Therewasthispowerrangerand do you know what, Mommy?"
"What, Bubba?"
hecouldfightand do you know what, Mommy?"
"WHAT, Bubba??"
andhecoulfightandhekilledthebadguyand do you know what, Mommy?"
"Bubba, you don't have to keep saying "do you know what."
"Okay. Do you know what, Mommy?"



Laurel said...

Your house is like that too?? Wow! I have been away from my hubby for 2 1/2 weeks now and I am about to lose my mind. One thing I've learned on this trip: Never, Never, will I sign up for single parenting. No break, no backup. It's for the birds!

Laurel said...

And by the way, after reading the part where your daughter works herself into a frenzy until she vomits, could she be appropriately described as nauseous? :0)

Mir said...

In about a year, every time he says "anddoyouknowhat?" and you ask what, he'll forget what he's talking about.

And cry.

And blame you for making him forget.

I hope your daughter is over the barfing thing by then. Just sayin'.