Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fear Factor

I'm having a little trouble getting back into the blogging groove, so I'm going to use other people's blogs as my inspiration.

Yesterday on Twitter, AndreAnna was talking about how much she hates butterflies -- well, anything with wings, really. And that made me think of Metalia's post the other day titled The Sum of All Fears, which I thought was brilliant and of course made me start thinking of what mine would be.

And then on the way home, Mindy of Absolutely Mindy on XM Kids' Place Live was playing their new game of "Would You Rather" and some kid came up with this doozy: Would you rather swim in a snake infested lake or a cockroach infested swimming pool?


One the one hand, I'm not really afraid of snakes. I don't love them, but as long as I can keep my distance I'm okay. I'll even hold one at a wildlife show if I know it's non-poisonous. But have you ever seen Lonesome Dove? Like, the first episode? The one with the water moccasins? Ay yi yi. Nightmares forever.

All I'm going to say about the other is whispery, feathery cockroach wings. Enough said.

However, the sum of all my fears? Would probably go something like this:

Being in a dimly lit room with Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers both just standing behind me, looking at me, not saying anything, with spiders covering the entire floor and cobwebs touching my hair.

Well. Now that I have sufficiently creeped myself out, I think I'll try to get some work done.


AndreAnna said...


Amy Munnell said...

Totally creeped me out too! Thanks friend.
Welcome back, MQ!

Kathy said...

I totally have the heebie-jeebies now. Ick! Really, the spiders put me over the top.

Lauren said...

Is that the part where they kill off Ricky Schroeder? Because I think I turned it off after that.

When I lived in Charleston we had Palmetto bugs which are basically gigantor cockroaches with WINGS. Talk about heebie jeebies! You never knew when one of those suckers would pop in. So if it's a pool full of palmetto bugs I might just go with the snakes. Just sayin'.