Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, y'all! Last night the family and I capped off the year (at 7:30 p.m. no less) with a sparkling grape juice toast that highlighted our hopes for the new year.

Quick aside -- Dear Welch's, WHY did you do away with the champagne-like cork on your sparkling grape juice? That was the fun of the whole thing -- getting to pop the cork! Unscrewing a top is just NOT as celebratory. Get on it!

Anyway, when I made my toast, I said that I had a feeling that 2011 was going to be a banner year for this family. We've got lots of things in the works, and I can't wait to share with y'all everything that's coming up.

This feeling, combined with the word I've chosen to signify the new year, renewal, have me feeling very positive. What do think is in the works for you in 2011?


Lauren said...

I'll be turning 30! I am actually really really excited about it-since I spent my 20's doing what most people do in their 30's (kids) I'm pretty sure that means that I get to have my 20's in my 30's...right?

1blueshi1 said...

I hope that 2011 IS a banner year for TMQ Family, and for mine as well! Renewal is an Excellent word. I could use a large draught of that.

maggiegracecreates said...

My word is abundance. And while I would hope it is about money - I am just as excited to recognize the abundant blessings that I already have.

Our big thing right now is that we will send Softball Princess off to college this fall. Our baby - leaving the Man and I to find a way to be alone together again.

Katie said...

I think I would like to flip around the goal for last year. This year I want the girls to focus on finding happiness in the little things, and *I* can focus on choices. And then next year maybe we can all find the zenny balance. You know, if we survive. :)