Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Uncovering a Niche Market

Yesterday I went to get my hair cut and as I sat down to wait for the stylist to finish with the person before me, I looked through the stack of magazines they had spread out on a large ottoman. There was Elle, Vogue, a random hair magazine or two, Marie Claire, Cosmo and GQ. I picked up the GQ and not because Jake Gyllenhaal was on the cover (while I find him mildly attractive, he is not on my "list").

I started thinking about my favorite magazine and if pressed, I'd have to say it's Esquire. I like women's magazines to an extent, though there are some I like more than others. In fact, I downright detest Cosmo and never even pick it up. I used to like Glamour until the old Editor retired and Cosmo's Editor took over. Then it was like Cosmo Lite.

It was kind of interesting to me to realize that I prefer men's magazines. I want to read articles about delicious food -- steaks, sandwiches, barbecue. I want to read articles about the coolest new cocktails, which dive bar you MUST visit in each city. I want to read interesting articles about real world issues. If you haven't picked up an Esquire lately, they have some of the best writers in the business, if you ask me. I realized that I'm kind of insulted that women's magazines are all about makeup and fashion and !SEX! and which positions will drive your boyfriend WILD.

Sure, Esquire has some "fluff" pieces, but they're still more interesting than the offerings in most women's magazines I've seen. I like looking at women's fashion, but the prices in most of the magazines are kind of a turn off for me. And sure, I could look for similar, less expensive items to try to copy "the look," but most of the outfits are so out there that they wouldn't really work for my life.

It's true that a lot of men's magazine, Esquire included, will often feature a scantily clad woman in its pages somewhere. But it's usually tastefully done (ahem) and hey, I can admire a beautiful female form as much as the next guy. But that usually only takes up 3 or 4 pages or so and the rest of the magazine is filled with handsome men in varying stages of hotness, depending on your type. Me, I tend to be attracted to the scruffier guys -- you know, the ones with the shirts slightly open, hair slightly mussed, a little five o'clock shadow, but occasionally a man in a suit that fits just so will catch my eye.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Are there any awesome women's magazines out there that I'm missing out on?


maggiegracecreates said...

No you are not the only one. While my magazines of choice are art, craft, and decor related. I too am totally not gonna buy a cosmo - or glamour. Been married for some 25 years - there is not a !sex? position that I haven't heard of yet. There are only so many options.

But I definitely agree with your man choice. Nick Cage is like my true dream guy........ mmmmmmm

Burgh Baby said...

I stick with architecture, gardening, and home decor magazines because womens magazines? Zzzzzzzzz. So boring.

for a different kind of girl said...

My Mom actually got a free subscription to Esquire last winter and she passes the issues off to me, so I get it. Once you get past the fluff, there's some good writing in there. There's also some excellent cocktail recipes if I was ever so inclined!

el-e-e said...

Oh, I HAD to comment on this one: I haven't ever read Esquire, actually, but Men's Health is one of my favorites. Josh Holloway on a recent cover fits your scruffy requirement and was the sole reason I bought a copy, admittedly. But it also had good articles. Is it the Cosmo for men? Maybe. But still.

And for women's magazines, I've recently discovered More, which is intended for, ah.., mature women (I think 45-50+?). I'm 36 but I have really enjoyed the few issues I've seen of that one.