Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Think I Deserve A Ribbon This Time

Remember those damn ribbons? The ones that caused such an inferiority complex in me? Well, funny story.

Although I wrote that post about how I needed to just let Punkin be who she was, I thought well, maybe she might like to have some ribbon hair bows. You know, if she knew about them. So, I contacted my crafty friend Tara who's made some hair bows of her own and she offered to give me some lessons.

I gathered up my glue gun and bought a bunch of ribbon and other supplies and Punkin and I set off to Tara's for a playdate and a craft lesson. Tara made two bows for me while I watched and then I set about making one of my own. They were fairly large-ish, but totally cute and exactly what I was looking for.

And guess what? With the exception of one Sunday, Punkin won't wear them. Also? They don't really look like her. I mean, they're cute on her, but they just don't look right somehow. But, at the same time, I also made some of these hair bows and they look totally cute on her. And she will wear these. Occasionally.

But the really funny thing happened yesterday morning. Remember my Bible school freak out when all the moms made their daughters's too-large shirts fit just right and look oh-so cute? Well, yesterday Punkin's camp was going on a field trip and they were all supposed to wear their camp shirts and Punkin's, once again, is a mite too big. After she got dressed, she came running out of her room with the excess shirt gathered in her hand behind her back.

"Mommy, you've got to get a hair bow and tie this up like this! That's what the big girls do."

I dutifully obliged. Then,

"And now Mommy, you need to get some ribbon and tie my sleeves up like this! That's how the big girls wear theirs."

You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was so surprised. She looked so cute! And it was all her idea. And fortunately, fortunately, this time I was prepared. I was the Mommy with the ribbon on hand. So, I learned two things at Bible school this year -- 1) never underestimate the importance of a little piece of ribbon and 2) quit worrying so much.


Lauren said...

Pictures, please!! I bet she looked adorable.

Also? If you have bow making skillz and Punkin won't wear them, you should sell them! There are a million unskilled mamas (ahem) out there who would gladly buy!

Anonymous said...

Good on you! I would have followed it up with, "And I bet they clean their room when their mamas tell them to, too," or some such, and it would have blown up in my face. That's too cute that Punkin new what to ask for and just when to do it!

Laurel said...

I love it! My daughter won't wear bows either. I let her choose her own outfits and sometimes it makes me grimmace when all the other girls seems so cute and girly, but I have faith that she will come into her own and it will be all her and all her idea, just like punkin. I say good on you!

P.S. I feel the same exact way about women's magazines. Ugh. What happened, Glamour???

Amy Munnell said...

Would love a pic too! Bet she'll make a crazy face just as you snap the shot.

el-e-e said...

Yep, I'm going to need a picture, especially of the sleeves. Can't picture that and I will need to know, I'm sure, as KT gets older!!