Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Maybe Those Experts Know What They're Talking About

I'm feeling better today, thanks for asking. Not so grouchy, though this morning did not start off well. Also, I'm supremely busy at work right now with our biggest event of the year coming up, plus my newsletter is due in two weeks and I'm not feeling quite as good about this one as I have the others.

BUT, I just got back from my exercise class and I'm feeling pretty good. Must be those endorphins everybody's always talking about. I, frankly, had never encountered them before. When I was running (very briefly) in college, I kept waiting for that runner's high you hear so much about. I never did find that mythical beast, just the shakes after I finished my first 5K.

But when I get home from my exercise class I feel like I could do anything. I have the urge to fight the piles of crap that are lying everywhere. The pile of folded clothes mocks me! I want to take on the world! But unfortunately (fortunately?) it's late and there's only so much I can get done. Also, here I am blogging when I could be sweeping. Oh well.

Anyway, I fully credit this class with helping me reach my goal weight. Back in January I was .4 pounds (that's point four pounds, not four pounds) away from goal. The next week I was EXTRA good. I didn't count my points, but I'm pretty good now with figuring out what I need to eat to lose/maintain. I didn't even eat our Friday night pizza that week. And when I went in on January 19th for my weigh in, I fully expected to be at or below goal. But when I stepped on the scale, I had GAINED .8 pounds. Which now meant that I had to lose 1.2 pounds to meet goal!!

My leader told me not to get discouraged, but I did. I basically went on a bender for the next two weeks, eating pretty much whatever I wanted. And I felt my jeans start to get tight. And I got really pissed at myself. So, I signed up for this class because usually when I'm exercising I try to eat well so that I don't undo all my hard work. If I'm going to have to sweat off the calories, it makes me think twice about what I put in my mouth.

Also, I'm going to be 37 this year. Thirty-seven! That year is significant for me because that is how old my grandmother was when she died (in 1940). That is young, y'all. I can remember when my own mother turned 37 she started running and I can now understand this compulsion for health. You want to feel alive. You want to do everything you can to stay alive, to be healthy, to increase your odds of a long life. To see your babies grow up.

So, I get back on the wagon. I watch what I eat. I am (finally) exercising. And I feel good.

Now, let me go tackle that load of laundry.


AndreAnna said...

Yay for you!

I love my gym classes. I take at least 4 a week and they make me feel so awesome. Especially the kick boxing ones. I feel like I could beat up anyone! :)

Burgh Baby said...

I have GOT to find time in my schedule for a work out. I do great in the summer when the whole family can go for a long bike ride, but I haven't figured out a group activity for winter. Urg!

Good luck meeting your goal. I know you can do it!

calicobebop said...

Good for you! I never experienced that mythical "runner's high" either. Just severe hip pain.

Glad to hear you reached your goal!

Laura said...

does lifting a wine glass burn calories? Oh please, tell me it does!

Michele said...

Congrats on the exercise class! I'm not able to get to a gym these days and I keep thinking I am going to buy a recommended exercise dvd to get me moving since I am not going outside to play unless it is over 51 degrees.

Katie in MA said...

Good on you, girl! You sound like you feel terrific!

Also, please feel free to come over to my house to tackle all of the projects that are currently mocking *me*!!

HalfAsstic.com said...

The gym sounds like a wonderful place to be! Wish I were there right now!

1blueshi1 said...

You go, girl! And drag my fat ass with you!!!

Debbie said...

You are an inspiration to me! I hope when I heal from this latest mishap, I will start exercising again.

Laurel said...

Good for you! You know what? I've never felt that runner's high either. It think it's made up. BUT I am actually looking forward--for the first time in my life--to doing some exercising. It will be so good to have my regular body back, free of aches and pains and swelling. Please, dear God, tell me it will come back, right? Actually having these 40 extra pounds on me has given me such an appreciation for the body I had. Everything is so much harder right now. And you're right--at 37 and 38 we are young!