Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is there a 12 step program for this?

That Lulu, she's got some great blog posts. I find I'm always getting ideas from her, plus she's hilarious! Yesterday she had a link to a contest where you can win a PicaJet photo organizer. I'm going to enter. If you want to enter, click here and then follow the directions. The contest only runs until the 15th so get crackin'.

The whole concept of getting organized got me thinking. I really WANT to be organized. No, really, I DO. It's just that it's too much work. I want to be one of those women who has it all together. One of those women whose shoes have no scuffs. Whose purse doesn't look like it has a family of gerbils that have taken up residence inside. Whose jeans look like they've been starched. Who have no dirty handprints on their just-washed white pants by 7:45 in the morning! But somehow I just can't seem to be that woman. I guess I'm kind of a slob. I don't mean Pig-Pen kind of slob, but somehow I always feel like I have that little Pig-Pen-like cloud following me -- except in my case it's harried-ness. That my not be the image I present to the world, but that's how I feel.

Every now and then I'll make a new resolution. Okay, from now on I'm going to hang my clothes up when I take them off or put them right into the laundry basket instead of having them lie atop my dresser until Saturday when I finally have the energy to face my mountain of clothes that is burying my jewelry box. I'm going to GET THESE PICTURES ORGANIZED! I'm going to follow the Flylady rulebook to the T! Do you know what the first thing is that Flylady tells you to do? Go "Shine your Sink " -- and then you're supposed to dry it out every night so that every morning you feel good about your nice shiny sink. I couldn't even do it! Not the very first thing she tells you to do! And my apologies to any Flylady converts out there, but WHO HAS TIME FOR THIS?!!? Not me.

I guess I come by it naturally, though. My mother wasn't a slob, but orderliness was not a high priority in our house. Spending time with me and my brother was, though. In fact, I remember one time that our preacher called and said he was going to stop by in a few minutes and in order to "clean up", we threw all the clutter into a blanket and threw it into one of the bedrooms. And I guess I feel kind of the same way. Why should I spend my Saturday cleaning up the house when I can spend those precious hours with the kids.* Working full time as I do, and with their early bedtimes I see them very little during the week. So to me, my priority is my time with my kids. I hope that when they're older they'll remember the time we spent together and not what a clean living room we had. (*Disclaimer - Now if you come to visit me, I promise my house will be clean. Just don't open the door to the guest bedroom!)


lulu said...

Yeah, I took a look at your Flylady link, and she can just suck eggs as far as I'm concerned. :-P

I feel your pain, Madame. And my bedroom closet is in desperate need of organization, more so than my digital pictures. But I guess I have to start somewhere.

Leslie said...

Well, this is a relief! I thought that I was the one in the family who had the pig pen cloud trailing me. We can bask in (er, tolerate) our clutteredness together.

Jennie said...

Oh, I tried Flylady. I thought since I was staying at home, perhaps she could help me keep a clean house. After the first week, I threw her the bird and said, pppfffftt.

Though I do shine my sink every now and then. I make Drama Queen dry it every night after she does the kitchen. ;)

Amy and Kia said...

I don't have kids, work out of my home, but I'd love to throw a blanket over the mess that is my desk.

Laurel said...

Oh no! I may be the only dissenting voice here. Don't hate me, girls, but I am a flylady convert, and it's because I have no natural ability to organize. I don't follow her to a T but some of the things really work for me. Like the load of laundry a day. For the first time in my LIFE I am caught up on laundry--and I'm not buying so many clothes.

But I'm with you. You have to do what works and the kids need to come first.