Friday, October 14, 2011

They're Not the Boss of Me

I'm tired of my appliances telling me what to do.

"Beep beep beep" if I don't attend immediately to whatever the microwave has finished heating. Ninety seconds later "beep beep beep." I'll leave my reheated coffee in there all damn day if I want to.

Also with the beeping is the iron if I leave it too long in one position. Cheesey Pete! Leave me alone! You won't steam otherwise!

And don't even get me started on my coffee maker. It's such a Whiney McWhinerson. "Cleaning Needed" it flashes EVERY DAY. I could clean it every five minutes, make a pot of coffee and it would still say "Cleaning Needed." Needy much?

No, I'm not tired at all. Why do you ask?

1 comment:

Lauren said...

I'm with you. My damn microwave beeps until I acknowledge that it has done a good job reheating my food by opening and shutting the door. It must think that I need one more thing/person/dog/cat/hamster telling me what to do.

The only appliance that seems to like me is my oven. When I hit the 'broil' button it says, 'HI'. (I'm always like, HAAAAAIIIIII! How YOU doin'?)