Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Radio Knows!!

Hellooooo.... Anybody out there?

Tap, tap, tap. Is this thing on?

I have a theory I'd like to postulate. How often a radio station plays your favorite song is inversely proportional to how much you'd like to hear it. However, my companion theory is that songs you hate will be played on a nonstop loop. Yes Single Ladies, What About Now and Kristy, Are you Doing Okay, I'm talking to YOU.

And for those of without iPods (or even a generic mp3 player), this can be maddening. I recently fell in love with a song. This song, to be exact (I'd embed the video but I can't). I didn't listen to it for ages because, to be honest, I doubted I would like a song by a band named The Airborne Toxic Event. It sounded too...toxic. But then I listened to the song and I was hooked. And guess what? Now they NEVER play it.

And then just two days ago I heard a new song by Manchester Orchestra that was touted as the newest of the new. So I listened. And I liked it. Have I heard it since? No, no I haven't. In case you want to hear it, it's here. Also, I just found out they're from Atlanta. I also just found that their album doesn't drop until the 21st, so maybe I'll hear the song more in the coming weeks. Kewl, as Punkin would say.

Do you have any theories, conspiracy or otherwise, that you've come up with? Share.


Esme said...

I think "The Radio" takes your requests just to keep you listening. Then they play the song you want to hear seconds after you turn the radio off.

I also think that, somewhere, there's a retired DJ who has been holding on to my request to play Duran Duran's "Rio" since 1984.

Katie in MA said...

Well, if they actually played the songs we wanted to hear, we wouldn't have a reason to stay tuned to that station! This way we can't flip away because what if they play it the next song?!

I totally know what you mean. I have a similar theory that the more you want or NEED to blog, the crazier your life becomes so that you have an inversely proportional amount of free time during which you could blog. Curse that radio - a girl needs a little peace from SOMEWHERE!

Glad you're back in the land of the living, girl. We've missed ya!

AmyM said...

Great songs or should say "kewl"?

Burgh Baby said...

All you have to do is get Britney Spears to sing a song, and it will get played every five minutes. It's a fact.

Laurel said...

My conspiracy theory is that if I sit down at the computer two things are bound to happen. 1) The baby wakes up, or 2) His siblings ask, "Can I play on the computer?" Sometimes both at the same time. Glad you are back. said...

This whole radio airwaves torture thing is clearly a communist plot that some dreaded evil enemy has set upon us.
They can only be overcome by chanting nursery rhymes and skipping in circles.... How do I know this, you ask.....? :-)