Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Rummmmmble!

We've got a lot of ground to cover...or at least I let's get started.

We had a great Christmas and I hope you did too. Punkin had a good Christmas last year, but she had a GREAT Christmas this year. She was so excited about everything, from the carols to the tree (I keep hearing her sing "fiiiive goooold riiings!), and of course, most especially the presents.

A couple of weeks before Christmas I finally pinned her down for what she wanted -- a Barbie. I had been hoping to stave off the Barbie avalanche for another year or two, but what the heck. At least it wasn't a Bratz! We were driving in the car when she very solemnly asked me "What color hair do I have, Mommy?"

"Blonde, Punkin."

"That's what I want, a blonde Barbie."

And Santa delivered.

The only thing Bubba really asked for was the Air Hogs car that drives on the wall (which Santa delivered, I might add), but his big gift from Santa was a complete surprise:

"I didn't even ASK Santa for this" Bubba crowed!

Two days after Christmas we left on our annual trip to the shrine of Dolly (also known as Dollywood). We still had our year-round passes from LAST Christmas and it seemed a shame not to use them one more time. I didn't take nearly as many pictures as last time, but here are a couple:

Some of the memories that stand out from this trip are when Punkin and I were riding the ferris wheel, out of the blue she said "Do you know what my favorite part of Christmas was? Decorating the tree!"

My eyes teared up a little, knowing that even though it was one of the most frustrating tree decorating sessions ever, that it had made an impression on her.

Punkin and I aslo shared a bed while we were gone, though "bed" is actually a very generous name for the....thing...we slept on. We were stuck with a very rundown, very saggy, very squeaky (and vaguely pee smelling) fold out sofabed. But, sleeping with Punkin ended up being pretty pleasant actually as it seems that she has grown out of her inclination to sleep with her toes dug into my belly.

One night, as we snuggled in she said "What do you smell like Mommy?"

"I don't know. What DO I smell like?" I asked, half afraid that I was going to recieve some preschooler honesty about my bad breath or somesuch.

"Just regular ol' Mommy" she said matter of factly. Whew! I can handle that.

And that's about it. Since we've been home we've been watching a lot of tv. Or having a lot of "float days" as Laurel calls them. It's an excellent concept and you should try it if you get the chance. It basically involves lots of pajamas and doing pretty much whatever you want all day.

I've got to get going....I've got a book waiting on me. One of my resolutions for the new year is to read more (right, Katie?) I'm also vowing to be more adventurous in my reading -- reading something I might not normally -- though this book doesn't fall into that category. I'm finally reading Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster, which Elena has been recommending to me for ages.

Remind me to tell you about these things:

1. My new, wonderful, amazing, $21 jeans that I found.
2. My deep thoughts that I've been pondering FOREVER
3. ....Hmmmm....I know there was something else...maybe it will come to me.


for a different kind of girl said...

There's a couple of those Air Hog cars at my house now, too! Unfortunately, we learned they don't work on our textured ceilings.

I've got "Bitter is the New Black" on my nighstand now and have slowly started it. I'm hoping it lights a fire in me soon. I'll be interested to know what you think of it!

Burgh Baby said...

I'm just relieved she didn't say you smelled like that pull-out sofa bed. THAT would have been bad.

Happy New Year!

Laura said...

I am so glad you are back! Happy New Year! said...

I was gonna say what BBM said. I think good ol' mom smell is a nice thing. Better than pull out pee. Welcome back!

Katie in MA said...

$21 dollar jeans didn't cure you always and forever of deep thoughts? better spill them then, because they must be good.

And yay! I've been linked!! Yes, reading is good. And you know what else I found out? A good place to catch up on some reading is the Doc-in-the-Box while you're waiting to be treated for a killer UTI/Kidney infection.

Sounds like you had fun on your trip and I'm glad Christmas was such a wonderful time for the kidlets. That's what makes it all worthwhile, isn't it?

Jonny's Mommy said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Your kids sound sweet!

Awesome on the four wheeler, but air hogs? What are those? I'll have to find out.